Crush Your Snack Craving in Just One Shot

Sweet or salty – we crave what we do for a reason.  But whichever way the snack wind is blowing, the Whitworths Shots in your August Gin of the Month box are sure to satisfy. 

Cravings are as emotional as they are physical, and our favourite flavours have the power to transform our days. Whether you’re a sweets fiend or a savoury snacker,  Whitworths – which has been bringing the best-dried fruit and nuts to the British public for over 130 years – has a Shot of natural goodness to suit you. 

As Laura McIntosh of  Whitworths says, “Each pack of these great-tasting snacks is under 100 calories, and is made up of carefully selected dried fruit, nuts and seeds with just a hint of tasty indulgence.” These ingenious little packets are perfect for nibbling on-the-go or staving off the 3 pm lull. Just reach for one and start snacking. 
“They offer balance, but without compromising on taste,” says
Laura. “They’re also so convenient, and come in perfectly proportioned packs. My handbag is never without one!” If your sweet tooth needs satisfying, the Whitworths Berry and White Chocolate Shot in your August Gin of the Month box are perfect. An indulgent mix of cranberries, juicy raisins and creamy white chocolate pieces, Laura says, “It’s a great addition to a three o’clock brew!”   Or, if your taste buds are tingling for something on the savoury end of the flavour spectrum, turn to the Shots Nuts with a Touch of Chilli. Laura says, “Whitworths Shots Nuts are the newest addition to the range, and offer a snack naturally high in protein and fibre. I always grab these when I need an  energy boost – they’re the  perfect treat for after a workout, or with a cheeky G&T!” 

Craving something salty?

Sodium is a key mineral for the human body, and when we sweat, we lose a lot of it. If you’re craving something salty, especially after a long day of running errands or a particularly intense session at the gym, your body could be trying to get all of that lost sodium back. Whitworths Shots Nuts with a touch of Chilli in your August Gin of the Month box is sure to answer the call

Craving something sweet?

We want sweet treats when we’re stressed because tasty chocolates release endorphins, also known as the ‘feel good hormone’. But sweets are also an amazing way of rewarding ourselves; our brains treat sweets as a satisfying pat on the back for a job well done. After a long day or a particularly painful project, your Whitworths Berry and White Chocolate Shot is a great way to reward yourself without binging on calories.

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