The classic "Sex on the Beach" has had a ginny makeover...

We love a classic cocktail here at Craft Gin Club, and the iconic Sex on the Beach is no exception! However, we feel it is missing something, so when JJ from London Cocktail Club said we could use the recipe from his amazing book - Kitchen Cocktails - and swap the vodka for gin - we couldn’t wait to try it!

Grab your beach towel and rubber ring and enjoy!

Sex On The Beach


25ml gin
25ml peach schnapps
50ml golden peach syrup*
50ml cranberry juice
2 dashes of absinthe
10ml lemon juice
2 drops of vanilla extract

*To make the golden peach syrup, blend one 410g tin of peaches and the syrup with 100ml golden syrup or honey for 30 seconds

Add all the ingredients to a collins glass, fill with ice and stir well. Garnish with a lemon wheel, orange wedge and a cherry.

If you love this recipe, get your hands on the fabulous Kitchen Cocktails recipe book over on our members store now! It’s packed full of cocktail recipes that can easily be made at home, with ingredients found in the local supermarket and kitchen cupboard!

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