These August Gin-o-scopes will make you want to thank your lucky stars!

At Craft Gin Club, August is set to be yet another month of fun in the sun! Our crack astrologers have gazed (through their sunglasses!) into a crystal ball, and know the perfect cocktail to toast the last of the summer gin.


(23 July to 22 Aug)

You’ve spent the summer thus far soaking up sunshine, but now it’s time to indulge your darker impulses. After all, lions are nocturnal animals! Spend August nights dancing in the moonlight and sipping French 75s.


(23 Aug to 22 Sept)

As temperatures soar and the air gets heavy and humid, you may feel lost in a summer haze. When you’re feeling woozy in the August heat, clear your head with an ice-cold, bone-dry Martini.

Gemini (2).png

(23 September to 22 October)

In a world where it’s all too easy to drift apart, it’s time to reconnect. Call up an old friend and invite them over for a leisurely chat over two long Tom Collins!

(23 October to 21 November)

This August, draw on the wisdom of your elders. Do you have a mentor or relative you truly trust? Invite them round, and give them your undivided attention along with a Gin & Elderflower Sorbet.

(22 Nov to 21 Dec)

The Sagittarius is on an eternal quest for the next best thing! What trend are you going to try out this August? Coconut milk is gin fashion, so experiment with a Coconut Crush.

(22 Dec to 19 Jan)

You may enjoy your own company more than anyone else’s, but give people a chance this August – they just might surprise you. Maybe you’ll even find someone who loves G&Ts as much as you do!

(20 January to 18 February)

You’re a free spirit that can’t be tied down. Go on a world tour – with gin! Start with an English Breakfast Martini, move on to an Italian Negroni and finish off with a Manly Australian Dry G&T.

(19 Feb to 20 March)

Compassion is at the root of who you are, but sometimes you forget to practice self-care! Be kind to yourself this August. Savour a Bijou and appreciate your own worth!

(21 March to 19 April)

You’re a lifelong learner, and this is the month to harness a new skill. Why not try upcycling your gin bottle? Of course, you’ll have to finish it off first – time for a Gimlet or two!

(20 April to 20 May)

For some people life’s a battle, for some it’s a dance – for you it’s both. The beautiful yet bold Orange Blossom is just the cocktail to see you through the twists and turns of August.

(21 May to 20 June)

August will go swimmingly for you, so share your good fortune with your family. Plan a barbecue, with Gin Punch for the grownups and Shirley Temples for the youngsters.

(21 June to 22 July)

Cancer is a water sign, and the beach is calling to you this August! Grab a big floppy hat, some sunscreen and a good beach read, before heading out to enjoy a Gin-a-Colada by the waves.