So: elephant poop gin is now an actual thing

No, it isn’t April 1st. A husband and wife team in South Africa has developed a new gin made from elephant dung.

Apparently, Indlovu Gin (which means Elephant Gin in the isiZulu language) has a “very earthy, citrusy flavour” due to the varied appetite of the elephant, um, suppliers, who munch on all sorts of fruits, barks and vegetation.

If you need an added incentive to try the unusual tipple, perhaps you’ll be swayed by the fact that 15% of profits will be donated to the Africa Foundation and its work in wildlife conservation.

So would you try gin made from elephant poop? What’s the craziest gin you’ve tried? Let us know!

If elephant dung gin doesn’t quite grab you, perhaps we can entice you with this easy gin cocktail recipe below, best made with Elephant Gin (see what we did there?).




Shake all ingredients with ice and pour into a chilled glass.

Garnish with a slice of lime and a sprig of basil.


60ml Elephant Gin
75ml fresh apple juice
15ml honey syrup (heat honey in equal amount of water until dissolved, then cool)
25ml fresh lemon juice
4 basil leaves

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