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Sabatini Gin: Here's Everything You Need To Know!

Sabatini Gin: Here's Everything You Need To Know!

Jan 2, 2024

To celebrate the launch of Sabatini Gin Venezuela on the Craft Gin Club online shop in 2024, and the return of Sabatini Gin 0.0, we are taking a look at what makes this amazing Tuscan gin brand so special.

In this feature, we’re giving you a unique insight into how Sabatini Gin is made, where it can be bought in the UK and the low-down on each of the gins in the Sabatini range, with some mouthwatering serving suggestions too - there really is everything you need to know about Sabatini Gin.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to reveal all!

How is Sabatini Gin made and where is Sabatini Gin from?

Sabatini Gin is made by Master Distiller Charles Maxwell from Thames Distillery, working closely with the Sabatini family using botanicals collected from around the Sabatini estate in Teccognano, Italy’s famed Tuscan region.

Sabatini Gin founders

The list of Tuscan flora used as Sabatini Gin botanicals includes juniper, Florentine iris, coriander, olive leaves, sage, thyme, lavender, wild fennel and lemon verbena.

Sabatini’s botanicals are distilled using traditional London dry methods and then bottled in a beautifully designed glass bottle, which includes motifs of Tuscany, including poplar trees and the verdant greens and sky blues synonymous with that region.

Sabatini Logo

What gins does Sabatini make?

Sabatini now has a wide range of gins including their original and signature edition, a barrel-aged gin and a cacao-infused craft gin that is simply divine.

Sabatini Gin - 41.3% ABV

A true expression of the Tuscan countryside, this elegant, sophisticated London dry gin is made with botanicals picked not only from the Sabatini family estate but from surrounding farms and fields too.

Every sip is brimming with the character of that sun-kissed Mediterranean terroir.

Sabatini Gin review

What does Sabatini Gin taste like?

On the nose, discover a bouquet of herb, floral and citrus tones that will transport you to the rolling hills of Tuscany.

Those aromatic and fragrant flavours grow on the palate, with hints of wild fennel, thyme and lemon verbena coming to the front and lasting long into the smooth and sumptuous finish.

How do you serve Sabatini Gin?

We recommend serving this mouthwatering London dry gin with a premium dry tonic and a sprig of thyme. Sabatini Gin also makes the perfect martini, finished with lemon peel.

Sabatini Gin serving suggestion

Sabatini Gin Venezuela - 44% ABV

A celebration of Venezuelan cacao, this incredible craft gin is made using the often-discarded shells of the cacao, which are combined with Sabatini Gin to give you a tipple filled with fabulously rich, complex and mature tones of chocolate.

There is nothing else in the world quite like Sabatini Gin Venezuela.

Sabatini Gin Venezuela

What does Sabatini Gin Venezuela taste like?

Sabatini Gin Venezuela has luscious dark chocolate and floral aromas on the nose.

Chocolate is the main profile on the palate, and it is joined by a beautifully balanced medley of juniper, lavender and lemon verbena.

On the finish, sweet and savoury cocoa notes linger delightfully from sip to sip.

How do you serve Sabatini Gin Venezuela?

Serve 50ml of Sabatini Gin Venezuela with 200ml premium tonic and garnish with fresh orange peel. Stir, serve and enjoy!

Sabatini Gin Venezuela is also brilliant in cocktails like a Negroni or Espresso Martini.

Sabatini Gin Venezuela serving suggestion

Sabatini Gin 0.0 - 0% ABV

This remarkable expression was made to give you a zero-alcohol gin without sacrificing any of the flavours that make Sabatini Gin so special.

Made by infusing Tuscan botanicals, it’s a distinctly Mediterranean edition that no gin fan will want to miss.

Sabatini Gin 0

What does Sabatini Gin 0.0 taste like?

The nose is a bouquet of herb and citrus tones that are inviting and fresh.

On the palate, sage flavours come through, with hints of olive, lemon verbena and thyme.

All of those sumptuous tones last long into the fragrant finish.

How do you serve Sabatini Gin 0.0?

Sabatini Gin 0.0 is fantastic in alcohol-free cocktails and it is just as scrumptious in a zero-alcohol gin and tonic.

Simply take 50ml of Sabatini Gin 0.0 and combine it with 200ml of tonic. Garnish with fresh lemon, serve and enjoy!

Sabatini Gin 0 serving suggestion

Sabatini Gin Barrel - 45.5% ABV

Created by maturing Sabatini’s original London dry edition in oak barrels that were once used to hold Tuscan Chardonnay wine, this magnificent craft gin was created to be sipping slowly.

It’s warm, amber-coloured and has deliciously mature flavours.

Sabatini Gin Barrel

What does Sabatini Gin Barrel taste like?

The nose is delicate and surprisingly fresh, with hints of grape, juniper and Tuscan herbs.

Oak tones meet those aromas on the smooth and rounded palate, along with touches of lavender and sage.

The finish is mouthwateringly soft, with hints of liquorice that are warm and moreish.

How do you serve Sabatini Gin Barrel?

Sabatini Gin Barrel is best served straight and slowly sipped, ideally with cheese, cake or dried fruit to nibble as you sip.

Sabatini Gin Barrel serving suggestion

Sabatini Gin Villa Ugo - 40.4% ABV

Hailed as the “ultimate expression of Tuscany” by the Sabatini team, this gorgeous and luxurious London dry is made with Tuscan botanicals like rosemary, laurel (bay), wild fennel, sage, lavender, olive leaves and cypress.

Sabatini Gin Villa Ugo

What does Sabatini Gin Villa Ugo taste like?

Sabatini Gin Villa Ugo tastes like the Tuscan countryside, with balsamic and herb tones on the nose.

On the full-bodied palate, those flavours develop and are joined by more pronounced rosemary, fennel and cypress notes.

The finish is long and sophisticated, transporting you to the rolling hills of Tuscany.

How do you serve Sabatini Gin Villa Ugo?

For the perfect Sabatini Gin Villa Ugo and tonic, combine 50ml of the gin with 200ml of a premium tonic. Stir and garnish with a fresh sprig of rosemary. Enjoy!

Sabatini Gin Villa Ugo Serving Suggestion

Where can you buy Sabatini Gin?

Sabatini Gin, Sabatini Gin Venezuela and Sabatini Gin 0.0 are available to buy on the Craft Gin Club online shop.

You can also find even more of the Sabatini Gin range on the Sabatini Gin website, here.

Sabatini Gin where to buy