5 of the most beautiful and remote gin distilleries across the world

Have you ever considered the journey that your gin has made - from the artful hands of a distiller to your copa glass? Take, for example, our Gin of the Month for July 2019, Theodore Pictish Gin, which comes to life in the remote wilds of the Scottish Highlands before travelling around the world and landing in our delicious G&Ts!

Inspired by the story behind Theodore Pictish Gin, we sought out some of the most remote gin distilleries in the world to see what hidden gems are hiding far and wide!

Many of these little-known gin havens offer visitor tours, so why not escape the daily grind in favour of an adventurous trip to discover the unique stories of how these secluded gin distilleries came to exist in the remotest corners of the world?

Far North Distillery, Minnesota, USA

Far North Distillery is the northernmost distillery in the USA, closely neighbouring the Canadian border; and it’s unbelievably beautiful and unspoiled. This gin-lovers’ retreat sits upon a wheat field, meaning that there are abundant botanicals at the distiller’s fingertips. In their Solveig Gin - a name honouring female strength - there are distinct citrus, thyme and grain notes.

Inverroche Distillery, Still Bay, South Africa

Tucked away on a tranquil estate on the Western Cape, overlooking the point where the Goukou Estuary meets the Indian Ocean, is the Inverroche Distillery. It is this coming together of water and rock which provides both the name ‘Inverroche’ and the conditions needed to distil a tipple humming with herbal, and floral notes.

Earn your visit with a day of surfing and canoeing in the nearby crystal-clear waters - after all that activity, you will be ready to enjoy a well-deserved G&T, all while learning about the process by which the distillery produces its gin.

LAB+DISTILLERY by Mackmyra, Mackmyra Bruk, Sweden

Surrounded by tranquil Swedish pine forests and gently flowing streams is LAB+DISTILLERY by Mackmyra, the distillery behind a number of gins, including Lab Distillery Organic Gin. The gin produced here is rich in juniper, coriander and native lingonberries; for the adventurous gin lover, there’s also a barrel-aged gin available to try.

McHenry Distillery, Port Arthur, Tasmania

Probably the most remote of all the venues on our list, this distillery has stepped out of a gin-lover’s wildest dreams! McHenry Distillery perches on the windswept, rugged hillside of Tasmania’s Mount Arthur and is closer to Antarctica than much of the Western world.

Not only is the setting unparalleled where natural beauty is concerned, but the distillery produces a diverse range of gin, from Sloe Gin to Navy Strength Gin. This means that there will be a gin fit for every palate and you can even step into the distiller’s shoes for a day by joining a ‘masterclass.’

Moe Distillery, Moe Village, Estonia

Moe Distillery’s unique charm is a direct result of its secluded location and authentic Estonian character. Visit this sleepy fishing village, complete with working windmills and woodland wildlife to experience life at this quaint distillery and see its gin production in action. Plus, you’ll get to sample the gin, which features blue and green juniper berries and poppy seeds foraged by hand from nearby Mohn Island!

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