Put the fun back into mocktails with this warming Christmas tipple!

Apple and cinnamon go together like, well, gin and tonic! The difference with this tipple, is that it is completely booze free but still absolutely delicious for a Christmas tipple! And you don’t need loads of ingredients - just the Appletiser in this month’s Gin of the Month box and some store cupboard staples!

When the weather outside is frightful, this new spin on an old favourite is delightful. Here’s how to transform Appletiser into a comforting mocktail to enjoy on a winter’s afternoon.

After 39 years on shelves across the UK, Appletiser has all the nostalgia of our favourite Christmas traditions – but, like the biggest holiday of the year, there are so many creative ways to enjoy this sparkling apple juice.

Delicious on its own and with food, Appletiser – which is free from colourants, added sugar and artificial ingredients – also makes a smashing Christmas mocktail.

Surprised? With its pure apple flavour and wholesome ingredients list, Appletiser is a perfect base for festive flavours. Whether you’re taking a break from present wrapping or curling up for a quiet moment in the midst of the festive madness, let this Appletiser Cinnamon Spice bring back all the brilliant scents and flavours of Christmases past.

Appletiser Cinnamon Spice

appletiser+mocktail+christmas+drink+with+fire +cinnnamon.png


Add all the ingredient into a pot on the stove and cover. Simmer on a low heat for ten minutes, until gently boiling. Stir well and decant into a mug. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and settle back for a relaxing winter moment.


200ml cloudy apple juice
200ml Appletiser
2 cinnamon sticks
1 red apple, chopped
1 orange, chopped
Cinnamon stick, to garnish