Put some G in your Tea!

Craft Gin Clubbers are in for a treat this month thanks to the gorgeous boozy Harry Bromptons Alcoholic Iced tea in February’s Gin of the Month box! Bursting with flavour and a dash of vodka this tipple can be enjoyed with or without gin (however we prefer the former) Keep scrolling for the perfect Tea for Two gin cocktail that you can share with that someone special this Valentine’s day!

It was love that took Harry Brompton’s founder Ian O’Donohue to America, the home of iced tea. As he explains, “My wife is from Georgia, so spending time there cemented iced tea in my head as something really interesting.”


But once back on British soil, Ian realised that iced tea was more connected to his British heritage than he’d initially thought. During WWII, milk was in short supply. He says: “I remembered that’s why my grandfather developed a taste for drinking his tea cold, with a little whisky.”

Ian knew he wanted to carry on his grandad’s legacy, and give people a taste of this delicious twist on a British staple. Enter tea expert, Abedayo Olaiwon. Ian says: “Together we played around on the kitchen table with different types of teas before settling on Kenyan tea. It’s very robust and botanic, but with a soft note.”

The real dilemma was how to add a splash of booze without detracting from the tea’s natural flavours. The solution? Vodka! Ian explains, “It disappears into the back and lifts the flavour of the tea. But, because it has a vodka base, Harry Brompton’s still pairs well with gin. You still get all of the botanicals coming through.”


Luck also had a hand in their bubbly concoction. A mistake at the factory meant that the first batch was carbonated, which Ian and Abedayo had been staunchly against… at first. “We were really upset about it,” laughs Ian. “But when we gave it to people, they thought it was fantastic. That’s how Harry Brompton’s Ice Tea was born.”

Harry Brompton’s has been taking the UK by storm ever since. Ian says: “Because British people aren’t used to iced tea, they imagine that it’s sickly sweet and artificially flavoured. Then when they taste Harry Brompton’s, they taste a proper-made cup of tea. We want to surprise and delight our customers, and we’re really proud of what we’ve created!”

You can find all of Harry Brompton’s flavours at Waitrose, Tesco, Amazon and Wholefoods!

Harry Brompton’s Perfect Serve



Fill a tall glass with ice, add a wedge of lime and pour over a chilled bottle of Harry Brompton’s.


1 chilled bottle of Harry Brompton’s Ice Tea
Wedge of Lime

Or add a dash of gin…


Fill a tall glass with ice and add 25ml gin. Top up with ice tea and garnish with lime.


1 chilled bottle of Harry Brompton’s Ice tea
25ml gin
Wedge of lime