Our members share some of their deepest, darkest secrets...

Some things, like the tasty Lily O’Briens chocolates in your October’s Gin of the Month box, are made for sharing. Others, like these shocking stories from our members, are not! Will it be trick or treat for you this October?

My mum and I have quite a close relationship, so it’s not surprising when she tells me personal details. But I was a bit shocked when she implied that my stepdad ‘has a thing for feet’!
— Lizzie J.
“One of my friends got an epilator from Freecycle – pre-used!
— Louise E.
When we were kids, my older sister licked all of the icing sugar off a pastry and put it back in the cupboard. I ate it. Blegh.
— Ryan W.
“I was secretly seeing a guy from work who had just broken up with his girlfriend, and he still had some of her things. I went back to his one night after work, but in the morning realised that I’d forgotten a change of clothes. I knew I couldn’t go back to work in the same outfit I’d worn the day before – everyone would figure out where I’d been! – so I grabbed some of his ex’s clothes and styled it out.
— Emma D.
I had a little too much to drink at an office party and told my boss that I always thought of him when I read stories about Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator. He asked why, and I told him it was because the press’ nickname for Kim applied to him, too: the Tubby Tyrant!
— Will W.
I had a Tinder date that went really wrong, so I put his number on Gumtree under an ad for a free TV. Mutual friends told me he got so many calls that he had to change his number!
— Hayley K.
A few jobs back, a new woman started in the office. Within a couple of weeks she’d rubbed up a lady called Dawn the wrong way. The new girl sent a scathing email about Dawn to her boyfriend – except it wasn’t to her boyfriend. It was to Dawn’s best friend at work, and Dawn herself was cc’d in. The new girl left that afternoon and never came back!
— Sharon B.