Celebrating National Poetry Day!

Imagine our absolute DELIGHT when we received the beautiful ode to our Gin of the Month boxes from silver-penned Craft Gin Club member, Brenda! Wowee!


An Ode to Craft Gin Club

by Craft Gin Clubber, Brenda

Every month has a special day
When the craft gin box comes my way
I eagerly open the box to see
What goodies are packed inside for me
It won’t be long ‘til the next box arrives
And the excitement starts again, along with the surprise
Craft Gin Club
I’d highly recommend
As a treat for yourself, a loved one or friend!”

We’re so touched - thank you, Brenda!

Inspired, we thought we’d celebrate National Poetry Day with not just this (g)incredible poem, but a few more besides! Here are a few little gems we’ve found, all paying tribute to our favourite tipple!

A Drink With Something In It

by Ogden Nash

There is something about a Martini,
A tingle remarkably pleasant;
A yellow, a mellow Martini;
I wish I had one at present.
There is something about a Martini,
Ere the dining and dancing begin,
And to tell you the truth,
It is not the vermouth —
I think that perhaps it’s the gin.

I don’t want any fancy boutique beer
And I can’t drink cocktails bionic
What I need to fill me with cheer
Is a long, cool, iced gin and tonic.

Some drink cocktails with juice and berries
And some sip whisky milk... so platonic
The blue rinse ladies do love their sherries
But give me a well made gin and tonic.

A frosted glass and filled with ice
With added lemon, and fresh lime zest
Topped with tonic it’s so, so nice
And the London dry gin is the best.

So no more prose, it’s late in the day
And wowsers claim all drink demonic
I have said my all, what I would say
It’s time now for that gin and tonic.
— Michael A Berriman

Do you think you can write a poem that pays tribute to your favourite gin, cocktail of choice, or even (cough, cough) gin club?

Send them to us on our Facebook page - you might even win some free gin!