3 Easy To Make Large Batch Gin Cocktails To Welcome Spring With

One of the best things about Craft Gin Club is just that – it’s a club! Our members may be from all over the UK, but together we are a community of gin lovers, joined together by our shared passion for premium spirits. Throw a party in the name of friendship, and quench your guests’ thirst with these GINerous sharing cocktails jugs!

Elderflower Collins

Elderflower Collins.png


Add the gin and elderflower liqueur to an ice-packed jug. Top with soda water, stir gently and garnish. Serve in collins glasses.


Serves 8

280ml gin

150ml elderflower liqueur

Soda water

Sprigs of elderflower and lemon slices, to garnish

Gin and Lavender Lemondade

gin and lavender lemonade.png


Juice the lemons. Combine the lemon juice, gin, water, syrup and sugar in a jug packed with ice. Stir well, garnish and serve in highballs.


Serves 8

10 large lemons or 500ml lemon juice

200ml gin 1 litre cold water 4 tbsp lavender simple syrup*

4 tbsp sugar Lavender sprigs and lemon slices, to garnish

G and Tea

Gin and Tea Cocktail.png

Method :

Brew peppermint tea in a saucepan. Remove from the heat and add the sugar and 1 tablespoon of mint. Allow the leaves to steep and the sugar to dissolve, then remove the teabags and strain the liquid into a jug. Place in the fridge to chill. Once you are ready to serve your cocktail, garnish with the remaining mint.


Serves 8

5 peppermint teabags

1 litre boiling water

3 tbsp sugar

2 tbsp mint leaves

230ml gin

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