Supermarket Sweep...but with cocktails!


From marvellous martinis to naughty negronis - we love a gin cocktail! And the great news is that mixing world-class drinks at home just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Kitchen Cocktails: Recipes of the London Cocktail Club.

Author and founder of London Cocktail Club, JJ Goodman has created Kitchen Cocktails to make mixology fun and easy at home, using everyday store cupboard items and ingredients that can be found in your local supermarket.

No more scouring the internet for essence of Brazilian Jabuticaba fruit again!

We have the pleasure of working with JJ over the next few months, using the recipes from Kitchen Cocktails to show our fans just how easy it is to mix up some delicious, not to mention fun cocktails at home!

This book would make an amazing gin gift for the gin lover in your life and with Christmas just around the corner we are offering some fantastic discounts on Kitchen Cocktails for both Craft Gin Club members and fans alike!

We have already created the heavenly Eton Mess cocktail, that you can view over on our YouTube Channel - G&TV and over the next few months we will be adding more of these tantalising tutorials to our channel.

We chatted to JJ about how Kitchen Cocktails came about, but first, in light of Supermarket Sweep returning to our TV screens this week, here is a short video of the inspiration behind this fabulous recipe book!

Can you give our readers a quick rundown of how you came to found London Cocktail Club?

I’ve been a bartender and in bars my whole life, and after winning the Cocktail World Cup in New Zealand in 2008 it felt like it was the perfect time to make the next big step and become a bar owner.

How did London Cocktail Club change the bar game in the capital? What makes your spaces so special?

Cocktail bars used to be quiet, stuffy and sometimes pretentious. I love party bars, dancing on tables and singing along to all my favourite bands. LCC is a bar that represents my love of perfectly crafted cocktails, but also my love of having fun!

We’re so excited to have you as our new columnist! What aspects of mixology are you most excited to share with our members?

Mixing world class drinks can be done at home and I want our readers to try new things, and better understand the classics and the techniques to make them perfect!

Do you have a particular approach to cocktail making and recipe creation?

You’ll notice my sense of humour in my drinks. I love to blend flavours from my childhood that will surprise you all. My classics like the Bacon and Egg Martini, Angel Delight Flip and more may sound mad, but I can promise you that they taste amazing!

We’ll be featuring recipes from your new book. Why did you wanted to bring supermarket cocktails to the world?

Kitchen Cocktails: Recipes of the London Cocktail Club was an incredible project. All bartenders have the luxury of their professional spaces, unique back bar liquors, sexy ice machines and other equipment. The home bartender has none of that.

Most home-bartending guides either have drinks that are awful or too complicated. This book takes my favourite 90 cocktails and offers you the ability to recreate these aspirational drinks at a low cost with accessible ingredients from the supermarket, alongside the stories that made them legendary.

Before attempting your recipes, what equipment should Craft Gin Clubbers have at hand?

I discovered that the best way to cheat at home is with scales and a blender. Two ice cubes in a blender makes every drink the perfect temperature with the perfect dilution. Cheap £10 digital scales and a cocktail shaker will get you going.

Any last words of wisdom before we discover your fantastic cocktail creations?

Have fun mixing cocktails with your friends! My recipes will tell you how much you need to spend too. At £1.50 - £2 each, mixing four cocktails is way cheaper than a bad bottle of wine, so save money, drink better and have more fun! It’s a no-brainer.