Is this tomato based cocktail better than a bloody mary?

It's National Tomato Week - exciting eh?! And as this month's Gin of the Month comes all the way from Canada, we thought we would celebrate with a Caesar (the Canadian version of the bloody mary) The difference is, the Caesar uses clam juice in it’s recipe and just to mix it up even more - we're swapping the vodka for gin!




Lime wedge
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp steak seasoning
50ml gin
Dash of Worcestershire sauce
Dash of hot sauce
120ml Clamato (clam and tomato juice)
Celery, to garnish


Build your drink in pint glass or mason jar. Firstly, create a salt and seasoning rim. Use the lime wedge to moisten the lip of the glass. Combine salt and steak seasoning on a plate, then dunk the rim of your glass into the mixture, spreading it evenly around the circumference. Then add ice, gin, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and Clamato. Stir and garnish.