Is This The Garnish Of The Future?!

Steeped as it is in the history of gin, the City of London is also at the vanguard of the molecular mixology movement. Meet the future of gin garnishes, inspired by the stunning creations of modern bartenders: Popaball bursting bubbles.

Gin and strawberry sorbet in a glass, melted down with the addition of tonic into a G&T; a gin cocktail served in a teacup with a side of lemon drizzle cake; Popaball bubbles floating at the rim of a cocktail coupe. Just as a dram of Mother’s Ruin was the hallmark of the first Gin Craze, the Gin Boom of the 21st century wouldn’t be complete without the scientific wonders of molecular mixology.

It was the science-savvy bartenders of this movement that inspired the gin garnish of the future: Popaball’s bursting bubbles. Made from a process called ‘spherification’, each Popaball bubble’s seaweed shell encapsulates real fruit juice, which will burst to release a hit of flavour when bitten. The slice of lemon in your G&T will be long gone once you’ve tried these bubbles.

Jules Quinn, Managing Director of Popaball, says, “Popaball was born through a love of going to cool bars and trying new cocktails, garnishes and enjoying the way they were presented. Spherification has been around for a while but making the bubbles yourself is difficult and very time consuming, which is why we developed our bursting bubble range which can be easily enjoyed at home. Our customers love making their own drink combinations and showing off their stunning drinks!” To bring a bit of molecular mixology magic into your own home, just garnish your next Six Bells gin and tonic with a spoonful of Popaball’s bursting bubbles – each pot contains enough bubbles for six drinks. Use the reusable straw included in the box to sip up the bubbles alongside your drink, bite and enjoy a burst of flavour. Or, for an easy way to impress your friends, whip up this batch cocktail!

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