Is it beer? is it wine? It's both actually!

You cannot beat a classic gin and tonic, however we love to shake things up a bit and also give our members the opportunity to experiment with different mixers. Some of our member’s don’t like tonic, so we will always send an alternative mixer out in our Gin of the Month boxes. This month we sent the delicious fusion which is Binary Botanical!


This month we discover how the female brewers of yore live on in the craftswomen of today who created Binary Botanical, a beer unlike any you’ve tried before!

Women have been brewing beer for thousands of years. In fact there’s a theory that witches were female brewers. They brewed in cauldrons and their pointy hats were to catch attention in the marketplace. These women would forage for botanicals to add interest to their brews.

Just like the innovative witches of old, a team of women with a wealth of experience in the beer industry set out to design a new style of beer. After months of experimenting with unusual ingredients and brewing techniques, Binary Botanical was born! We spoke to Binary’s founder and Master Brewer, Danielle Bekker to try and unravel a little more about this bewitching botanical beverage.


While hop cones impart a bitterness that isn’t for everyone, Binary’s unique hop leaf infusion process combines the refreshment of an ice-cold beer with the tanginess of prosecco. Danielle explains: “we refer to it as the wine-lovers' beer because it has recognisable wine notes and lacks the bitterness traditionally associated with beer.” Plus, its clean finish means it pairs perfectly with food! Next time you have your friends over for a dinner party, break out Binary Botanical and toast to the magical taste.

What makes it so special?

It appeals to both wine and beer lovers!

Tasting notes:

The flavour journey starts with highly tropical fruit flavours, including passionfruit, white peach, guava, gooseberries and a slight grapefruit aroma. These are followed by hints of elderflower, rosemary, pepper and a delicate sweetness balanced by the astringency of hop leaves.

Where to buy it:

You can get your hands on this delicious brew from Harvey Nichols, Ocado and direct on Binary Botanical.

How to drink it:

You can drink Binary Botanical on its own or in a cocktail! For example, mix 250ml of Binary Botanical with 30ml of gin, ice, thyme and juniper berries for the ultimate ginny cocktail, or serve the chilled beer straight up with 5ml sugar syrup, a slice of cucumber and sprig of rosemary.

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