Is gin yoga a 'stretch' too far?

"Gym? I though you said ' let's hit the 'GIN' after work?"
"I've just updated my 'GIN' membership"
"I said 'GIN' not 'GYM'"


We love a gin pun as much as the next person, however, with the launch of Gin Yoga you may be able to mix the gym with the gin!

Gin yoga has been launched in Hull at the Humber Street Distillery and will be ran by the distillery's floor supervisor Emily, who completed a two and a half year yoga course in India.

It really is a journey inwards and it will help people really focus and follow a journey and appreciate yoga for what it really is.
— Emily Worsnop

Aptly-named 'Yin and Gin Yoga', the fist class will see participants hold poses for a couple of minutes while tasting the gin and being aware of the journey from mouth to throat, to stomach.

The aim of the class is to get more people into yoga,  but also appreciate the taste journey you go on when sampling craft gins. The gin is also meant to help the class members relax and get into the flow.

The session will last an hour and a half and includes two gin and tonics. So at £18 ago it won't "stretch" the bank balance too much and we think it's a pretty amaz-ZEN deal!

Find out more about Yin and Gin Yoga here.

And if this sounds right up your street, you should check out this amazing Gin Spa for more rest and relaxation that involves our favourite spirit! Is gin taking over the world? We certainly hope so!