I went to the Gin Spa and this is what happened...


Ginny experiences are something we are very interested in, here at Craft Gin Club, after all, we try and give our lovely members a unique experience with every Gin of the Month box we send out! So when I got the chance to go The Gin Spa in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago, I jumped at the chance!

As we were already in town, to attend The Gin To My Tonic Show, I thought I’d pay the Gin Spa a little visit, after first writing about them back in 2017, I was completely intrigued to see how they have combined two of my favourite things - pampering and gin!

As soon as you walk through the doors of the Gin Spa, you are greeted with a wonderful aroma of citrus fruits (instantly putting you in the mood for a G&T!) You are asked to remove your shoes and slip your tired feet into a pair of fluffy slippers - so far, so good!


My wonderful therapist Shannon then took me through what we were going to do. First, I was to choose the aromatherapy oil I wanted for my treatment (I was having a shoulder, neck and back massage) Shannon asked me how I wanted to feel after my treatment, so relaxed, revitalised or soothed. I chose revitalised, as I was off to work straight after, at The Gin To My Tonic Show and I wanted to feel ready and energised! Based on this she gave me two different type of oil to smell. All the oils used scents you may find in your favourite craft gin, so I went for one containing pink grapefruit, lime and bergamot.


Next, still keeping in mind how I wanted to feel throughout the experience, Shannon presented me with a pack of cards. No, we weren’t about to have a game of snap…these were affirmation cards and I was instructed to shuffle the pack then pick three cards form the top, middle and bottom. My cards were “What makes you happy”, “You are divine” and “Make love your intention”. I was to think about these affirmations as I went thorough the experience, which I thought was a really nice touch and it really helped clear the head of negative thoughts and really relax into the day!


We then entered the treatment room: low lighted, beautiful cocoon where I instantly felt relaxed! I was wrapped up in one of the softest blankets I think I have ever felt and then Shannon got to work on my back! She checked what intensity I wanted for my massage - I opted for firm, to really get the knots out! Now, Shannon was a petite girl but do not be fooled! She gave them knots what fore! The massage was probably one of the best I have ever had, with the right level of firmness and still oh, so relaxing!


After the massage, Shannon brought me a small piece of chocolate (infused with gin botanicals - yum!) some water and a reminder of what products she had used and also my three affirmations. Then came the fun bit! I was led out to a large fluffy cushion and I was taken through the different gins the spa had on there rater impressive gin trolley!


I opted for a citrus led gin which was mixed with a Mediterranean tonic and it was delicious! I sat on my fluffy cushion sipping my gin and reflected on my day and what a fabulous concept the gin spa was! I finished the day feeling revitalised, happy (gin in hand) and completely impressed with how the whole ginny experience had been tailored to how I wanted to feel and my personal taste. Shannon was an angel sent from ginny heaven and I urge anyone who is in Glasgow to give the Gin Spa a visit!

The Gin Spa has been such a success, there are plans underway, this year, to expand the spa and offer more treatments to their lucky guest! I sat down with the spa’s founder and Managing Director of award winning Gin bar, Gin 71, to find out more.


How did the concept of the Gin Spa come about?

Created by the team who launched Gin71 in 2014, Gin Spa brings together a deep understanding and knowledge of gin botanicals, with the award-winning team's focus on crafting superb customer experiences.

Opened in December 2017, Gin Spa is the very first botanically inspired day spa in the world, and offers visitors a truly unique experience right in the stylish Merchant City area of Glasgow.

What was the inspiration behind the affirmation cards you get at your treatment?


On arrival at The Gin Spa, you will be asked 'How do you want to feel today?' Based on this answer, your therapist will choose two 'journeys' that may suit you. For example, if you say you would like to to have more energy, we would recommend either 'Active' or 'Energise' as your journey. These two aromatherapy oils will be applied to your pulse points (back of your wrists). Whichever you smell more strongly is the essential oil that your body needs.

Each journey has a deck of cards with affirmations relating to the choice of journey. You will be asked to shuffle the cards and choose one from the middle, top and bottom of the deck. Read these three cards as use these affirmations as something to reflect on during your treatment.

Is there a favourite treatment?


A very popular treatment just now is our 'Detox Body Wrap'. This was added to our menu for the new year as it's great for detoxing your mind and body. Begins with a juniper foot bath and inhalation of our Detox aromatherapy oil, followed by body brushing and a vigorous body massage to invigorate and encourage blood flow. Your therapist will then apply a thermoactive peel off gel mask to specific areas of the body; arms, thighs, buttocks and tummy before wrapping. Your therapist will then perform either a mini facial or mini reflexology treatment while the wrap works it's magic. Finishes with a hot towel neck stretch to energise the muscles.

Tell me a little bit more about the expansion? What will the spa be gaining?

We will soon be starting work on our spa expansion, below the existing site. The new spa will have 8 treatment rooms, a large relaxation space and a gin bar.