How to make your own Craft Gin Advent calendar!

Who says the fun of advent calendars should be left for the kids? Here at CGC, we think you deserve your own adult advent calendar, filled with craft gin! - after all, there’s nothing like opening a surprise little treat every morning to get you into the festive spirit (or through the chaos!)

Whilst the gin advent calendar offering has come back stronger than ever this year, the real fun lies in crafting together your own, and makes for a great little tradition. If you’re making it for yourself, you can wrap up all your treats and get someone else to mix them up across the days, so you still get that fun surprise each morning!

The Calendar

To start off, you’re going to need something to house all your yummy treats for the month. DIY advent calendars have really taken off and places like Hobby Craft have a wide range to choose from, from the fully festive and decorated, to the build it yourself versions. If you’re more craftily inclined, Pinterest has world of innovative ideas such as old bottle crates and fabric murals - get inventive!

The Gin

The main fun of your calendar is the gin of course! This is the perfect opportunity to use up leftover gin, especially if you have lots of half empty bottles! You can purchase cute, little miniature glass bottles from retailers like Etsy and even Ebay! Or, fill your own baubles would also work well! Check out our previous gins for inspiration, or try a tasting pack from your favourite distiller!

The Extras

You’re probably not going to want to fill all 24 days with gin, so here’s our favourite gin related goodies to pack your calendar with.

Botanical Infusions

When you don’t have a fresh slice to hand, a dried garnish is here to bring a whole new element to your drink. Ginfusion are small packets full of spectacular dried botanicals and flowers that will enhance the flavours and aromas of your favourite gin, and even transform your drink’s colour – all you need to garnish your drink to perfection!

Flavoured Syrup Miniatures

Syrups are the easiest way to start branching out into cocktails, and great way to spice up your g&t. We love these mini selection packs that let you try different flavour combinations - you’ll be whipping up pornstar martinis and mojitos in no time!

Edible Shimmer

Add a unicorn sparkle to cocktail hour with edible glitter! Perfect for jazzing up your g&t, or mix it up in cocktail for a truly mythical tipple!

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Ever seen those colour changing gins? The secret lies with the butterfly pea flower, and you can buy tea bags to easily infuse your gin with the same enchanted properties. Just add tonic and watch it magically change colour!

Gin Baubles

Gin baubles are the perfect festive decoration, and you can either buy them from select distillers, or fill your own up with your favourite tipple. A surefire way to inject a boozy cheer into your festive celebrations!

Gin Truffles

If you find yourself jealously eyeing up the kid’s chocolates each morning, treat yourself to your own adult version like these delicious Gunpowder gin truffles. A perfect indulgent treat for the season!