How to make your own DIY personalised gin drinks tray, glasses and cocktail stirrers

We were blown away when we spotted super-crafty Craft Gin Clubber Zanna’s photos of her DIY personalised gin and tonic tray, gin glasses and cocktail stirrers - we’re sure you’ll agree that they look amazing!

We got in touch with Zanna, who describes her passions in life as her family, crafting and gin, to see if she would share the secrets of her DIY gin goodies with all of our wonderful members (we know you all love a bit of crafting!). Lucky for us, Zanna said yes!

She says: “The cocktail tray, stirrers and gin glasses that I have created are really easy to achieve - even if you have never tried anything like this before, please give them a try! The products I use are readily available either by a local stockist, in your local craft store or online.”

Find out how you can make your own DIY drinks tray below.


What you’ll need:

  1. Frenchic paint, Frensheen metallic powders and brushes, and Frenchic finishing coat. They are readily available worldwide and can also be purchased direct from their website.

  2. A tray! I used a wooden one which I purchased from a local charity shop for the bargain price of £1!

  3. Gin glasses: another bargain buy from a local pound shop!

  4. Large and small jewellery link rings, pendants and stencil can all be purchased online or in your local craft store.

  5. Sugar soap and insulation tape can be purchased online or in any home decor shop.


How to create your personalised gin & tonic drinks tray:

  • First, sand down your tray just enough to remove any rough areas.

  • Now wash it down with sugar soap and let it dry.

  • Paint your tray using very thin coats of Frenchic paint.

  • Next comes the stencilling. For this I used a Frensheen powder in 'Cool Copper' mixed in small amounts with the Frenchic finishing coat.

  • Place the stencil in the centre of your tray then, using a stencilling brush, dip the end of the bristles into the mixed Frensheen; blot the excess from the brush onto kitchen paper, then in a quick straight-down blotting motion apply it over the stencil.

  • Don't brush it over as this will cause bleeding!

  • Once completed, remove the stencil by carefully lifting it straight up so as not to smudge the paint! Put the tray to one side and let it dry.


How to create personalised gin glass stems and stirrers

  • Mark off the section of the glass stem that you wish to colour - use insulation tape for this as it can be pulled tight, giving it a cleaner edge.

  • Use a sponge applicator to blot the FrenSheen over the area, then leave to dry (I used a hair dryer on a cool setting for speed!)

  • Once dry, repeat this process, drying between each layer. I did five or six applications to get the desired finish.

  • Remove the tape, then turn the glasses upside down and repeat the process on the base.

  • Use the same process to personalise your gin cocktail stirrers. These will only take a couple of coats. I stack them in a glass to dry fully.

  • Finally, add your jewellery of choice. To do this, open up a large link ring wide enough to be able to put it around the stem without scratching it (but don’t put it around the stem yet). Them, use the smaller ring to attach the pendant of your choice, close it back up and thread it onto the larger ring. Now place the large link around the stem and close it - you can use pliers for this if it is easier for you.

Caring for these items is easy - the tray can be wiped clean because the paint is suitable for outdoor use and is waterproof. As for the glasses, I only wash the bowl part so as to keep them looking their best. Now all you need to do is show them off to friends and family and enjoy your hard work with your favourite G&T!

Thank you, Zanna! What a fabulous project.

Crafty Gin Clubbers, have you personalised your own gin glasses, cocktail stirrers or trolley? Send us your pics on our Facebook or Instagram pages!