How to have a ginny 'Crafternoon'

Wow dinner guests with our crafty guide to creating a chic, autumnal dining table!

Pumpkin Vase



1. First, take your circular container and draw around it on the top of the pumpkin.
2. Cut around your traced circle and scoop out the pumpkin pulp.
3. Place the container inside your hollowed-out hole, making sure it's a snug fit.
4. Pour water into the container and, taking your seasonal flowers, create a beautiful autumnal arrangement.

What you need:

A medium-sized pumpkin
A cylindrical-shaped container, e.g. washed-out baked bean tin
Large spoon for scooping out the pumpkin
Sharp knife for carving the pumpkin
Autumnal flowers

Metallic Gin Candle Holders



1. Once you have got to the end of your favourite craft gin, wash out the bottle and soak off the labels. Use different bottle shapes and sizes to add different dimensions to your autumnal table.
2. When completely dry, give the bottle a rub with a dry flannel to make sure the surface is free of any sticky or wet patches.
3. Place your bottle on old newspaper – preferably in a well-ventilated space – and, wearing latex gloves, use an acrylic based spray paint to completely cover the bottle.
4. Leave to dry and add another coat of spray if desired.
5. Add a long candle to the neck of your bottle and light, letting the wax drip down the sides for a slight 'gothic' feel!

What you need:

Empty gin bottles
Metallic, acrylic-based spray paint
Old newspaper
Taper candles

Golden Leaf Name Cards



1. Take a brisk walk in the countryside or a local park and gather different sized leaves.
2. Dust off the leaves, making sure you get rid of any dirt, checking that the leaves are a nice and dry.
3. Spray the leaves with gold spray paint on both sides and leave to dry.
4. Find someone with pretty hand writing and, using a permanent marker, write your guests’ names on each leaf. TIP: If you prefer a more rustic look, just write the names straight on to the leaves, using the leaf's natural orange beauty!

What you need:

Fallen autumn leaves
Permanent marker pen