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A world of unique, crafted gins

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Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted gins

Easy, free and reliable delivery

How to create cocktails with zero waste!

How to create cocktails with zero waste!

Mar 8, 2021

We have been gin-spired by the awesome folks at Flawsome!, whose fabulous Sweet & Sour Apple edition was included in our March 2021 Gin of the Month box. It’s such a treat!

Flawsome! do more than simply create delicious mixers though. They have also dedicated themselves to finding ways to be better friends to the planet. Ways that include these great tips for creating zero-waste cocktails that are so easy to try at home.

With this easy guide, you can create cocktails that are as environmentally conscious as they are scrumptious.

Here are five simple ways to waste less when making cocktails:

Flawesome! Straw

1. The Last Straw

Single-use plastic straws are seriously rubbish! They fill our oceans and harm oceanic wildlife – including sea turtles. If you must use a straw, invest in ones made from metal, recycled glass or bamboo.

You can find some of our favourite reusable straws (and stirrers) right here!


2. Home Grown

Herbs can really help take your tipples to the next level, but there is a huge amount of packaging, transport and storage involved in getting them to supermarkets. By growing your own on your kitchen windowsill, you’re cutting out the middleman and lowering your carbon footprint.

You can find our top tips for growing your own garnishes at this link!

Flawsome! Sweet & Sour Apple

3. Careful Packaging

Fresh fruit and veg are often wrapped in unnecessary plastic packaging. By visiting Farmers’ Markets you can buy them free from all that waste.

While some products (like drinks) do need packaging, you can make sure it’s sustainable. For example, our March 2021 Gin of the Month comes in a bottle made of 55% recycled glass and all of Flawsome!’s packaging is sustainable and BPA-free. A few of our extra-lucky members will get a sneak peek at Flawsome!’s brand new cans, which are quite literally going green!

Learn more about our wonderful March 2021 Gin of the Month, The River Test Distillery Chalkstream Gold!

Dried fruit

4. Waste Not

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your ingredients! Always try to use ingredients like citrus fruits in their entirety – from their juice to their peel, husk and seeds – in your cocktails.

A great way to make your garnishes last longer and to use as much of your ingredients as possible is to dry them out. Here’s how!

Flawsome! Sweet & Sour Apple

5. Feeling Flawsome!

By supporting sustainable brands like Flawsome! you can help enact change, so we can all live in a world where large-scale waste doesn’t happen.

Checking out Flawsome! Sweet & Sour Apple on our online shop.

What are Flawsome! doing to help the planet?

Flawsome! with apples

There’s no denying it, food waste is a huge problem. According to the United Nations, a third of all farmed food goes to waste, and research by the Love Food and Hate Waste Campaign tells us that 3.7 trillion apples alone are wasted each year. The result? A massive carbon footprint that could — quite literally — cost the earth.

Each year, literal tons of fruit and veg are thrown away because they look too ‘wonky’. Flawsome! is on a mission to take these imperfect fruits and vegetables and transform them into perfect bubbly drinks.

So far they have saved a whopping 1,004 tons of produce (the equivalent to 58 black cabs!). And they’re not stopping there. By 2025 they hope to save 20,000 tons of wonky fruit and veg. At the same time, they’re working to plant one million trees and invest in clean energy projects.

We included Flawsomes!’s Sweet & Sour Apple mixer in our March 2021 Gin of the Month box and our lucky members have absolutely loved using it in our March 2021 Cocktail of the Month, Craft Gin Club’s Riverside Sunrise.

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