How many of these insanely weird gins have you tried?!

Here at Craft Gin Club, we love discovering new gins, as do our members. We don’t tend to send flavoured gins in our Gin of the Month boxes, as they usually come down to people’s personal preferences, therefore the star of the show will always be a full sized bottle of beautiful craft gin! But how many of these insane flavoured gins have YOU tried? 

Honeybee Gin

Chocolate Gin


Bakewell Gin


Yuletide Gin


Parma Violets


Marshmallow Gin

marshmallow gin


Rhubarb Crumble Gin

rhubarb crumble gin


Truffle Gin

truffle gin


Roasted Pineapple Gin

pineapple roasted gin


Saffron Gin

saffron gin


Clotted Cream Gin

clotted cream gin