Here's how you can create a cocktail kit for the road!

Cocktail shakers, jiggers, bar spoons and ice trays - they don’t always travel well, especially when you’re hiking up a mountain or setting up a campsite with a view of the stars. The good news? You can swap them out for portable, durable items that you may have already packed! Make these swaps to take your mixology mastery on the road!

Instead of a cocktail shaker…

water bottle_1080x1080.png

Try a water bottle! Whether the disposable or reusable kind, water bottles are perfect for shaking up cocktails. Simply decant your ingredients into the bottle, screw on the cap and shake without ice. Then just tip your cocktail into a glass and serve over ice or cool down in a mixing jug packed with ice before straining into a glass to serve ‘straight up’.


Instead of a jigger…

Egg cup 1080x1080.png

Use an egg cup! Plastic, easy to clean and super-sturdy, egg cups also happen to measure out a near-perfect 50ml.


Instead of a bar spoon…


Pack a regular teaspoon! Bar spoons have the advantage of a long stem, but that makes them impractical when you’re packing. A normal teaspoon is more versatile and you can still be used for measuring out syrups and mixing ingredients.


Instead of an ice tray…


Use a Thermos or a cooler to keep your ice intact! It’s tough to get water cold enough to form ice outdoors (at the height of summer, anyway!) so buy ice from a shop or take it with you from home, preserving it's sub-zero temperature with a cooler (if you’ll be making a lot of cocktails) or a Thermos (for just a few). Remember to really pack it in; more ice means a lower temperature, which will preserve your precious ice cubes for longer.

Got any more cocktail kit hacks?

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