Here's how to throw a gintastic NYE party!

It’s the event of the year, but what will you be doing at midnight?! As a gin lover, no doubt you will be seeing the new year in with a classic gin cocktail or sipping on your perfect G&T.

Emi Gibbs, gin lover and Head of Events at Marble Private, tells us how to throw a gin-spired bash!

Embrace the role of host


Making plans for New Year’s Eve can feel like a game of Chicken – everyone is waiting for their friend to make the first move! Offer to host, Emi says. It’s worth it.

As she explains, “Not only is everyone so grateful, but New Year’s Eve really is a great night to host. It celebrates the year behind us, and you get anticipation in the air, which is different to every other night – you just need to ride off this.”

Keep your eye on the clock


A New Year’s Eve party should be like a journey, Emi says. You don’t want to lay all your cards on the table when guests arrive on the stroke of eight.

“You want to build the evening,” she says. “Really think about pairing the food, drinks, lighting and entertainment. Welcome your guests with small bites of food, one type of drink and softer lighting to set the tone, then increase and develop throughout the night, for the ultimate crescendo at midnight!”

Keep your guests in mind

You may be keen to get the gin flowing and cut some serious shapes on the dance floor. But take a careful look at your guest list. Will everyone feel the same?

Emi says, “Maybe some of the older guests need some tea after dinner, or some chill-out seating or extra heating. Some guests may have thought to bring warm clothes for the evening, but others might not. Your event is unique for you, but have you thought about everyone else?”

Don’t panic

“One old adage couldn’t be truer when it comes to the run-up to a big party,” Emi says. “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

Emi recommends giving yourself lots of time to plan so you never feel flustered. Drafting in some help? Don’t assume that other people know what you need them to do and communicate as clearly as possible. And, most importantly, don’t stress!

“You can cross every ‘T’ and dot every ‘I’, but you have to be open to things changing slightly in the setup,” Emi says. “There’s always a solution.”

And finally… open the gin!

Emi is such a passionate gin lover that the Marble team built a whole ‘Gin-Tin’ bar as part of the production for her wedding… but, she says, that’s not the only way to incorporate the UK’s favourite spirit into your party.

“Of course gin cocktails are imperative,” Emi laughs, “but try to serve them a little differently. Wheel them out on your own gin trolley or fill the bath with ice and have a gin-filled bathtub.”

Emi also recommends a “Perfect Serve” station, where your Gin Pals can experiment with different garnishes, mixers and gins until they find a new favourite - just in time to raise a toast to 2019!

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