Is there a better drink for a summer BBQ than this Caribbean-inspired cocktail?

Our Craft Gin Club Gin of the Month for June 2019, Nelson’s Gin, may be British but - just like Brits on holiday - it’s pretty happy when combined with the flavours of the Caribbean! This refreshing and fruity gin cocktail would be the ideal thirst-quencher for a summer BBQ. Enjoy!



25ml Nelson’s Gluggle Jug Gin
25ml melon liqueur
25ml watermelon simple syrup
Grapefruit bitters
Ting Zesty Caribbean Fruit Fizz, to top up

Combine your gin, melon liqueur, watermelon simple syrup and grapefruit bitters in a rocks glass with ice. Stir until the glass feels cold in your hands. Top up with Ting and serve.

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