Let’s celebrate gin… and pups!

There are few things in this world better than a bottle of gin. However, when you throw an adorable dog into the mix, you’ve got a winning pair. In celebration of National Dog Day (26 August), we’re showcasing some of Craft Gin Club’s most fabulous furry friends! We’re pretty convinced that they love the boxes just as much as their adoring owners. Woof translates as cheers, right?



Freddie the precious pooch is excited about this opulent spread, a perfect G&T and S’mores gin and chocolate pie: all made with the sensational Theodore Pictish Gin! He’s obviously been a very good boy!

Fleur the British Bulldog has substituted her bone in favour of the coveted One Apple & Sage gin from March 2019’s Gin of the Month box. We think that this exchange is GIN-spired!


Indie the dog was quick to congratulate owner, Kay, on her Ping for Gin win when it was delivered to their door. She looks pretty keen on Burleigh’s Richard III gin- and for very good reason!

The Gluggle Jug Gin and goodies were a favourite with the adorable Buddy, as well as our two-legged members! We’re sure he leapt at the chance to buy a refill on the Members’ Store!


Pups and owners who G&T together, stay together. Dexter can’t resist taking a peek at this sublime ginny tipple made with Vidda Tørr gin: it’s the perfect serve.

Archie is basking in the sun’s rays with a bottle of Dry Island Gin by his side. We’re sure that there are a few of us who would happily trade places with him! Raise a paw, perfect pooch!


Kyuss and Paloma were definitely on the nice list at Christmas time! Their generosity knew no bounds when they made this GIN-credible offering to their owners: none other than Tarquin’s Cornish Christmas Gin.

Lola is guarding the contents of this month’s Gin of the Month box and who can blame her? We expect she’ll be willing to sacrifice a single Bahlsen’s Luxury Jaffa Cake, if you’re lucky!

So, we think that it’s fair to say that Craft Gin Club dogs are a photogenic bunch. Keep your puppy pics coming: boxers with boxes, beagles with bottles and terriers with tipples! Why not celebrate today with a ginny cocktail dedicated to your four-legged friends!?