Gin drinkers buy the strangest things online!

A recent study in the US, reported that, on average, people are more likely to spend more, while under the influence of gin!

1000 people were surveyed and not only do gin drinkers spend the most (in comparison to rum, vodka and wine drinkers) they also make their most extravagant purchases after having a couple of G&Ts! 

Woman in particular seemed to be the worse offenders, spending 15% more than men , while boozy buying...


These drunken sprees resulted in regret-ridden purchases that included mobile phones, home ware and books and then in a more bizarre twist - a 55-gallon drum of lubricant and bottom enlargement pills! Needless to say nearly 50% of all purchases were returned the next day, once the gin had worn off a little! 

So next time you fancy a little online browse, maybe do it while sipping your morning coffee and save the G&Ts for when the laptop is firmly stowed away...