Fall In Love With This Gin Cocktail Made With Chocolate Syrup

Bring a little bit of sunshine to dreary January with this delicious cocktail that combines the fruity flavours of January’s Gin of the Month, tropical fruits and chocolate syrup!

Deep Amazonas

Tropical Fruit Gin Cocktail.png


In a blender, combine 10 ice cubes, the gin, the simple syrup, the copoazú pulp and the lemon juice. Blend for at least 120 seconds, until snowy, and serve immediately in a chilled Martini glass, previously decorated with chocolate syrup. Sprinkle bitter chocolate shavings on top.


45ml La República Amazónica Gin

60ml simple syrup

100ml copoazú pulp (or you can experiment with other tropical fruits!)

10ml lemon juice


Chocolate syrup and grated bitter chocolate, to garnish