That feeling when your Gin of the Month box has arrived!

There really is nothing like that feeling of hearing the door bell ring and opening your front door to the delightful face of your postman delivering… oh wait, it’s some bills… oh no it’s not, it’s… your Craft Gin Club Gin of the Month box!

To celebrate this most wonderful time of the month, we’ve started to encourage members to share a #GinBoxSelfie of their “OMG MY GIN BOX HAS ARRIVED!” excited faces to really encapsulate that feeling of joy that a Craft Gin Club membership can bring to even the dreariest of days.

We’ll be picking our favourite #GinBoxSelfie each month and the winner will receive FREE GIN!

Take a look at these shiny happy faces as our members show us how it’s done and how they feel about receiving their boxes each month. Get snapping, Craft Gin Clubbers!


When your husband is currently working away so the gin box is all yours 🙌😂 (yea..I sent him this 😂)
— Craft Gin Club member, Caleigh

More gin, vicar?!

Thought you would like the attached photo of my wife, Rev’d Christine Morton, opening her July box from the Club. In the time honoured tradition of “more tea vicar?” We entitled this “more gin vicar?”
— Craft Gin Club members, Michael & Christine

Ooh, the self-control…!

So excited, but can’t open until my husband gets home!!!
— Craft Gin Club member, Jenniffer


The feeling of sheer delight as Carol dives into her July Gin of the Month box!


Just look at all that LOVE from Tina for her Gin of the Month box!

Every month, we send our club members a full-sized bottle of amazing craft gin from one of the world’s finest distillers.

We work hard to source new, limited edition and exclusive gins for our members, so you can be sure that you'll always receive a truly special gin that you won’t find elsewhere – certainly not in the supermarket. 

We capture the passion of our craft distiller partners in our monthly GINNED! Magazine, packed with real-life gin stories, tailored cocktail recipes and much more.