We think this gin cocktail is totally un-fig-ettable

This Thirsty Thursday it’s all about the sticky sweet flavours of the often-overlooked (but completely delicious) fig in this smooth, citrusy and jammy Fig Sour, brought to us courtesy of our friends at One Gin, our March Gin of the Month. You won’t fig-et this one in a hurry (sorry).


Fig Sour Gin Cocktail.png


2 tsp fig jam
25ml fresh lemon juice
40ml One Sage & Apple Gin
25ml Pineau des Charentes Blanc (you can find this aperitif online)
Half an egg white
2 dashes bitters


Add your jam to a cocktail shaker and stir in the lemon juice and gin. Add the rest of your ingredients. Shake hard with no ice, then add ice and shake again. Double strain into a chilled glass - a rocks or wine glass are both fine – and serve.