Fancy £1000 to spend on a new sofa?

Inspired by the wacky and wonderful Mr. Willy Wonka, each month we hide a shiny Golden Ticket in one club member’s Gin of the Month box – completely at random. And whichever lucky Craft Gin Clubber finds this ticket wins a fabulous, one-off prize!

In March, our winner will receive a stunning £1,000 voucher from our friends SofaSofa. For 35 years, SofaSofa has been crafting eco-friendly chairs and sofas right here in Britain!

With over 60 beautiful designs in both fabric and leather to choose from, every sofa is handmade to order and built from non-tropical hardwood from European forests. What does the sofa of your dreams look like?

Want to take part in this amazing competition? The only way is to be member of Craft Gin Club! Join the club today to enter and you can also claim 30% off your first box.

Can’t wait to get shopping and fancy FREE DELIVERY from SofaSofa worth up to £49? Simply use the code GINSOFA19 at