Fabulous firefly cocktails - gin mojito anyone?!

A real craft gin is created using specially chosen botanicals that work in harmony with each other to produce a complex, interesting gin, to be enjoyed with a premium tonic or in a beautiful cocktail!

So it is no surprise that the gorgeous revitalising botanical drinks in November’s Gin of the Month box, Firefly, work so well with gin.

Expertly crafted from still water, fruit juices and active botanicals, any of the seven flavours in the Firefly soft drinks range make for a refreshing mid-day boost – but, when the sun sinks beneath the horizon and the fairy lights flicker on, a dash of gin can transform these drinks into complex cocktails in a bottle.

As Sharn Bains of Firefly laughs, “At Firefly, we never add anything nasty to our drinks – but we sometimes add something naughty! All of our drinks are delicious mixed with a splash of spirit.”

In particular, two flavours sing when mixed with spirits: Firefly Kiwi, Lime & Mint and Firefly Peach & Green Tea. Whether you’re cracking open a crisp kiwi refresher or a peachy pick-me-up this month, you can guarantee that the drink you’ve unwrapped is free from artificial colours, preservatives and added sugars, as well as being completely vegan-friendly. And, as they’re available at Tesco, Waitrose, Whole Foods and Ocado, you can stock up during the weekly shop.


You’ll absolutely want to when you start experimenting with these delicious drinks. With the addition of gin and just a single other ingredient, the Firefly in your Gin of the Month box becomes a complex, complete cocktail.

Whether you’re enjoying a Peach Flame or a Green Light, these cocktails are the perfect treat to light your way through late autumn nights – and you won’t even need to venture out to the shops when you fancy whipping one up.

Peach Flame


Shake and strain (stir gin and honey first) pour over ice in a gin balloon or Collins glass - grapefruit wheel and rose petals garnish


50ml Filska Gin
100ml Firefly Peach and Green Tea
1tsp honey

Green Light


For a tasty, non-alcoholic serve, pour over ice and garnish with a slice each of apple and lime.


50ml Filska Gin
70ml Firefly Kiwi, Mint and Lime
Squeeze of lemon juice
Apple and grapefruit slices, to garnish