Everything you need for a (g)indulgent night in...

Here at Craft Gin Club we believe in treating yourself! Sometimes we all need a little breather from the stresses of every day life, to relax and rewind. So, light those candles, run that bubble bath, grab your face mask and maybe a tasty treat and join us for a GINdulgent night in…

Juniper, Lemon & Lime

These gin and tonic candles from Etsy will create a zesty ambiance and fill your bathroom with notes of juniper, lemon and lime! Aaaaaaaand relax…


Beeches Milk Chocolate

Did you know eating chocolate increases the levels of endorphins released into the brain? So the bar of Beeches Milk Chocolate in June’s Gin of the Month box is the ideal treat when you want to unwind.


Gin and Tonic Bath Bomb

Place this Gin & Tonic Bath Bomb in the running bath water and enjoy the effervescent fizz! Bathe in your favourite fragrance.


Botanical Face Mask

You’ll find some of your favourite craft gin botanicals in these gorgeous vegan clay face masks from Wearth London - such as citrus, lavender, peppermint and rose hip. Pop one on and feel the goodness melt into your skin.


Gin and Tonic Bubble Bath

It will feel like bathing in a giant copa glass when you slip underneath the G&T bubbles of this scrumptious bubble bath from PrezzyBox.