Discover the weird and wonderful botanicals in September's Gin of the Month!

September’s Gin of the Month is a legend in the making! This magical liquid is distilled in the heart of what was once the historic kingdom of Wessex and is inspired by the flavours of Anglo-Saxon England.

Wessex Alfred the Great Gin


Distilled in the south of England

41.3% ABV


Juniper, Coriander Seed, Angelica Root, Liquorice, Sweet Orange Peel, Chervil.

Tasting Notes:

Clean, crisp and classic, this silky-smooth liquid is led by a potent thump of piney juniper, complemented by historic botanicals like chervil, with its faint flavour of aniseed. Building on the juniper-forward base, peppery coriander enlivens the elegant spirit, before diffusing into a bright burst of citrus at the finish.