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Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted gins

Easy, free and reliable delivery

Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted gins

Easy, free and reliable delivery

Discover what's inside our irresistible November 2020 Gin of the Month box!

Discover what's inside our irresistible November 2020 Gin of the Month box!

Nov 7, 2020

Our November 2020 Gin of the Month box is a celebration of the gloriously vibrant country of South Africa and that incredible continent at the tip of which it sits.

With a gin distilled in Cape Town, which captures the flavours of that wonderous realm, and a whole host of treats to transport you in that southerly direction, this month’s box is going to give you a November like no other. Don’t miss out!

Craft Gin Club’s November 2020 Gin of the Month Box

Craft Gin Club's November 2020 Gin of the Month Box

Our November 2020 Gin of the Month:
Pienaar & Son Orient Gin

Pienaar & Son Orient Gin

Pienaar & Son Orient Gin has been designed to capture the essence of Cape Town’s colourful Bo-Kaap area. It’s a rich, vibrant and complex craft gin that’s like nothing else we have tried before!

The flavour profile of this gin is refreshing and packed full of delectable spice and citrus aromas. Mandarin orange and wonderful vanilla notes complement the fiery tones of allspice, cassia bark and ginger in this truly inspired tipple that’s as bold as it is utterly delicious.

Fitch & Leedes
Indian Tonic and Bitter Lemon

Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic Water and Bitter Lemon

Introducing Fitch & Leedes, purveyors of fabulous mixers inspired by Ralph Fitch and William Leedes - two courageous merchant gentlemen who set sail in 1583 to seek out exotic flavours in the Far East. Each one of their fabulous beverages embraces that adventurous, pioneering spirit and pursuit of excellence.

Our members can find two editions from Fitch & Leedes in their November box, their delectable Indian Tonic and their mouth-watering Bitter Lemon. Their Indian Tonic is a beautiful mix of aromatic tones and quintessential quinine notes that complement gin perfectly, while their Bitter Lemon has fragrant, zesty flavours of pure lemon juice. Both of these marvellous mixers make for a stunning partner to Pienaar & Son Orient Gin - and any other craft gin, for that matter!

Find their range on our online shop while stocks last, here!

Our November 2020 Perfect G&T

Craft Gin Club's November 2020 Perfect G&T

Brimming with vibrant and beautifully bold spice and tangerine orange flavours, Pienaar & Son Orient Gin is an ideal match for the aromatic and delectably rich quinine tones of Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic. Cardamom pods and fragrant lemon slices then make this one truly incredible G&T. It’s a must-try!

Rich Volcanic Chocolate

Firetree Chocolate

Firetree make luxurious, high-quality chocolate. Each of their delectable selection uses cocoa beans grown on a different tropical island, making each one completely unique and utterly delicious.

Our extremely lucky members can find one of 5 potential editions in their November box: Vanuatu 72% cocoa, Philippines 73% cocoa, the Solomon Islands 69% cocoa, Makira 75% cocoa or Madagascar 84% cocoa. Each edition is rich and smooth, with complex chocolate aromas and flavours that will have you salivating. They are the perfect way to add a touch of something extra-special to your perfect night in.

Find Firetree chocolates on our online shop while stocks last, here!

Two Keys
Lemon Mixer

Two Keys Lemon Mixer

Two Keys are blazing the trail for exciting new mixers that unlock new ways of enjoying your favourite spirits. They make incredible alternatives to your classic tonic or soda waters, making them the perfect choice for those who aren’t as keen on those bitter quinine or carbonated flavours, or those people simply looking for something completely new. Made with ingredients from artisan producers from across the world, each of their tantalising tipples is 100% natural and low in calories.

Their Lemon Mixer is a beautifully-balanced tipple that combines deliciously sharp, real lemon juice from Spanish lemons with natural cane sugar from Brazil. It’s divine, especially when coupled with an extraordinary craft gin like Pienaar & Son Orient Gin!

What’s more, Two Keys are doing their bit to help conserve Africa’s wildlife. They donate 5% of all sales to Tusk, a non-profit British organisation devoted to the conservation of wildlife and endangered animals in Africa.

Tyrrells Popcorn
Sweet & Salty

Tyrrell's Popcorn Sweet & Salty

Tyrrells! We always get so excited when we hear that name around Craft Gin Club HQ, it means that we and our members are in for some amazing, tasty treats. Of course, we all know they have a whole range of stunningly flavoured crisps made from first-rate potatoes but did you know that they do popcorn too?

That’s right, they do, and it’s seriously good! Their perfectly popped popcorn has a balance of sweet and salty flavours that come from a delightfully rich seasoning of salted caramel. They are such a great snack to enjoy with a G&T. We can’t get enough!

Cream Liqueur


Amarula is a cream liqueur that has us licking our lips with glee, we can’t wait for our members to give it a try!

Made using marula fruit, which is grown free and wild and is uniquely found in subequatorial Africa, this incredible liqueur has a wonderful flavour profile that’s full of fragrant, plump peach and plum notes. They make this beautiful, complex, creamy tipple much lighter than the whisky-based alternatives that are out there. It’s fantastic simply sipped with ice but is also gorgeous when mixed with a quality craft gin.

Find Amarula Cream Liqueur on our online shop while stocks last, here!

Somerset Cheddar and Shallot Potato Crisps

Savoursmiths Somerset Cheddar and Shallot Potato Crisps

Savoursmiths know how to create snacks with style. Their flavours are incredible, just ask anyone who received a packet of their Italian Cheese and Port Potato Crisps in our May 2019 Gin of the Month Box.

Their Somerset Cheddar and Shallot Potato Crisps are just as delicious! Made with quality, home-grown, British potatoes from Cambridgeshire and seasoned with an incredible mix of shallot and Somerset cheddar, each crisp is full of lip-smacking flavour. And that’s not all, like Two Keys, Savoursmiths are helping to fight the good fight by contributing a portion of the profits from their Somerset Cheddar and Shallot Potato Crisps to Tusk. Tasty and animal conscious, you need to stock up on these snacks for your at-home gin bar!

Red Grape & Rooibos Tea

MangaJo Red Grape & Rooibos Tea

MangaJo is the drinks brand that are bringing together the finest ingredients from wonderful producers from across the globe.

The fantastic drink that our members can find in their November box is a gorgeous, caffeine-free mix of aromatic rooibos tea (also known as redbush tea) from South Africa, sweeter, fruity, red grape juice and a splash of apple juice. It’s a tasty tipple that works so well with gin!

Find MangaJo Red Grape & Rooibos Tea on our online shop, here!

Our November 2020 Garnishes of the Month and cocktail syrup:
Dried Lemon Slices & Cardamom and our Savanna Spritz cocktail syrup

Lemon & Cardamom garnishes and Savanna Spritz Cocktail Syrup

Our members receive specially selected garnishes and a new bespoke syrup in each of their Gin of the Month boxes. They can use those to make our unique Cocktail of the Month and our monthly Perfect G&T.

This month, our members can use our fabulous Savanna Spritz cocktail syrup to make our delicious Cocktail of the Month, Craft Gin Club’s Savanna Spritz.

To garnish our November 2020 Perfect G&T, our November box includes fragrant, dried lemon slices and aromatic cardamom pods. This delectable duo are the perfect way to take your G&Ts to the next level!

Our November 2020 Cocktail of the Month:
Craft Gin Club’s Savanna Spritz

Craft Gin Club's Savanna Spritz

Our incredible November 2020 Cocktail of the Month mixes the marvellously vibrant and bold spice and tangerine flavours of Pienaar & Sons Orient Gin with the expertly-crafted and perfectly-balanced lemon tones of Two Keys Lemon Mixer. Our bespoke Savanna Spritz cocktail syrup then adds its brilliant mix of citrus, herb and spice notes, which compliment the gin and the mixers so remarkably well. All you need to add is a garnish of fresh lemon slices and a sprig of rosemary and hey-presto, your November just got a lot brighter!

UPDATE: November 2020’s Gin of the Month Box has now sold out! To guarantee getting your hands on December 2020’s bumper Christmas Gin of the Month box, join the Club or upgrade your membership today!