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A world of unique, crafted gins

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Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted gins

Easy, free and reliable delivery

Discover Forged Winter Gin and the amazing distillery behind it!

Discover Forged Winter Gin and the amazing distillery behind it!

Nov 6, 2023

In this fabulous feature, you can find out everything you need to know about Forged Spirits and the amazing Forged Gin they created for Craft Gin Club’s November 2023 Gin of the Month box, Forged Winter Gin!

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Forged Winter Gin

An exclusive Craft Gin Club launch from Yorkshire, England

40% ABV

Forged Winter Gin from Forged Spirits

What is Forged Gin?

Forged Gins are a range of crafts gins distilled by the master distillers at the Forged Spirits distillery. The first Forged Gin created by Forged Spirits was their Forged The Original Gin expression. You can find out more about this incredible tipple below.

How is Forged Winter Gin made?

Forged Winter Gin is distilled by Forged Spirits, the distillery founded by husband-and-wife team Gary and Victoria Ford and now run by them and their two now-adult children Olivia and Noah.

Forged Spirits owners

Inspired by the changing of the seasons and cosy nights in through the long, dark winter nights, Forged Winter Gin is made with warm spice botanicals like cassia bark and grains of paradise, along with rounding ingredients like almond, lemon balm and elderflower blossom. Citrus peels then add an inviting brightness.

The full list of botanicals in Forged Winter Gin is: Juniper, coriander seed, almond, grains of paradise, cardamom, angelica root, cassia bark, orange peel, lemon balm and elderflower blossom.

Those botanicals are distilled in Forge Spirits’ still, named Katherine after Yorkshire-born actress Katherine Kelly.

When the gin is finished, it is bottled in glass bottles and labelled. The design of the bottle and label is inspired by Art-Deco interiors and Yorkshire’s industrial past, with the glass of the bottle being darkened during the glassmaking process through the introduction of flock.

Forged gin distillery

Where is Forged Winter Gin made?

Forged Winter Gin, like all Forged Gins, is distilled in the town of Wakefield, in West Yorkshire on their premises at Tileyard North, where they also have a bar called The Distillery Bar Wakefield that gin fans can visit for a G&T.

What does Forged Winter Gin taste like?

Forged Winter Gin has warming notes of cassia bark blended with peppery grains of paradise and floral, zesty cardamom pod. They continue onto the palate, where the bright citrus aromas of orange peel, lemon balm and elderflower blossom join them and create a luxurious mouthfeel. The finish is full-bodied, well-rounded and long-lasting.

How do you serve Forged gin?

For the perfect Forged Gin and tonic recipe, we recommend mixing Forged Winter Gin with Lixir Tonic Light, garnished with orange slices and cardamom pods. Find the full recipe here!

Perfect Forged Gin serving suggestion

Forged Winter Gin is also fantastic in cocktails like Craft Gin Club’s Caramel Appletini. In this fun and tasty serve, we mix Forged Winter Gin with Pip Organic Apple Juice & Sparkling Water and Craft Gin Club’s bespoke Caramel Appletini Cocktail Syrup. It’s a sweet and fruity cocktail recipe that’s perfect for autumn, winter and beyond. Get the full recipe at this link!

Forged gin cocktail recipe suggestion

What other Forged Gins are there?

Forged has a spectacular range of craft gins in all sorts of incredible flavours, including Sherbert Lemon, Cherry Blossom and Rhubarb & Ginger, and they have a fantastic “Yorkshire Strength” gin too (read all about them here!), but we think the best place to start is with their original edition…

Forged The Original Gin

This magnificent craft London dry gin is Forged’s signature expression and they have worked incredibly hard to perfect the recipe.

Made with rich and complex botanical ingredients like cassia bark, cardamom and grains of paradise, this gin is delectably dry, with an ultra-smooth palate that is slightly spice-forward. Few gins are as rich and complex!

To serve Forged The Original Gin, we recommend mixing it with a premium tonic and garnishing with apple or cucumber.

It is not to be missed!

Forged Gin Original

Where to buy Forged Gin…

Forged Gin is available to buy in the UK on the Forged Gin website, here, and from the Craft Gin Club online shop, here.

Forged Gin is also available to buy as part of the fabulous Craft Gin Club November 2023 Gin of the Month box. Find out more here!

Forged Gin where to buy