Craft Gin Club: Bringing friends - old and new - together!

To celebrate the International Day of Friendship on 30 July, we are sharing just a few stories from our lovely members of how being in Craft Gin Club together has brought them closer together! After all, there's only one thing better than enjoying lovely gin: sharing it with friends!

Meet Gin Pals Vicky & Carolyn!

My ginpal is Carolyn, my best friend who is also my local landlady! 😉
Our friendship isn’t just about keeping the local going, it’s also about sharing experiences together across Europe and at home. ✈
Sharing the Craft Gin Club experience has given us yet another interest in common! 😉
She recently became a glamorous granny too! 🤱
l raised a gin-based cocktail to the new arrival to celebrate! 🍸
Balancing a busy pub, family, friendship and a lot of laughs truly makes her a superwoman!”
— Craft Gin Club member and Gin Pal, Vicky

Meet Gin Pals Jo & Sarah!

Member pic Jo and Sarah.jpg
I first worked with Jo around 17 years ago. What with babies and job moves we lost contact. However, Jo’s love of gin and her Facebook posts about Craft Gin Club caught my eye. I subsequently joined Craft Gin Club and we have not stopped chatting since! Xx
— Craft Gin Club member and Gin Pal, Sarah

Meet gin pals Michelle, Debra & Daliah!

member pic michelle1.jpg
I’ve referred several friends over the last two year including my mum. Most recently my friend Debra signed up and I’m hoping when her first box arrives that we can share a tipple from my most recent box and hers too!

Then there are my gin pals Daliah, Juliet and Rachel, aka my gin girls. It was Daliah that introduced me to gin three summers ago, on an evening out when we stumbled across a gastropub and found it had an extensive gin bar. And that was that!

Everyone I know so far has been thrilled with their boxes. Keep ‘em coming!
— Craft Gin Club member and gin pal, Michelle

Did you know that if you are a Craft Gin Club member and you invite your gin pals to join, not only will they get £20 off their first box, but you will also get 2,000 Craft Gin Club reward points (when they sign up) that you can then put towards £20 off a future Gin of the Month box or money off in our brand new Members’ Store?

Not to mention the fun to be had every month with your gin pals when the moment to open your surprise box of amazing ginny goodness arrives!