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Here's everything you need to know about Gin Mezzanotte!

Here's everything you need to know about Gin Mezzanotte!

Feb 5, 2024

In this fabulous feature, we are taking a closer look at the star of Craft Gin Club's February 2024 Gin of the Month box, Gin Mazzanotte, and the incredible distillery behind it, Distilleria Mezzanotte. 

Scroll down to find out the best way to serve this remarkable Italian gin, where it's made, how it's made and what else is in the Distilleria Mezzanotte range. It's the place to be for all things Gin Mezzanotte! 

Gin Mezzanotte

Gin Mezzanotte

An exclusive Craft Gin Club launch from Pesaro, Italy!

40% ABV

How is Gin Mezzanotte made?

Gin Mezzanotte is made by Distilleria Mezzanotte, a distillery founded by Giacomo Bracci and Alex Bartolucci.

It is made using traditional London dry methods however they use some truly special botanical ingredients chosen to give gin lovers a taste of the Mediterranean that is unique to Giacomo and Alex while also giving drinkers something a little more ethereal and exotic.

They chose botanicals like cocoa, lime and oranges to imbue their spirit with incredible flavours that take you on a journey. 

Cocoa reminds us of childhood. Then there's orange peel, which is much more connected with the Italian summer. The lime leaves evoke something very exotic - like a passage between childhood and adulthood. We want to take people to an imaginary place that's not linked to anything specific.

Giacomo Bracci, Distillerie Mezzanotte Co-Founder

Mezzanotte gin owners
Distilleria Mezzanotte Co-Founders Giacomo Bracci and Alex Bartolucci

The full list of Gin Mazzanotte botanicals includes juniper, orange, cocoa beans, lime leaves, almonds, coriander, angelica and cinnamon.

They are all distilled in a Mueller still from Germany, which Giacomo and Alex have named Percival after the knight from the King Arthur legends.  

Percival is the knight who manages to win the grail because of the purity of his heart. In distillation, the part that is collected to become the actual gin or another product is called the 'heart', so it made sense to call our still such.

Alex Bartolucci, Distillerie Mezzanotte Co-Founder

The heart of the gin is then bottled in unique and rare special edition bottles for Craft Gin Clubbers, with the gorgeous pink glass bottle and new label design being created to celebrate Valentine's Day and the month of love.

What does "Mezzanotte" mean?

"Mezzanotte" is the Italian word for "midnight" and it holds a special meaning for the team at Distillerie Mezzanotte as a point of passage between day and night, today and tomorrow, one world and another. 

This concept is something that has come to define the Mezzonatte brand and serves as inspiration for the labels on their gin bottles. 

Take a close look at the label and you will see sunrise or sunset motifs.

You will also find keyholes and keys, which are inspired by Norse mythology and the part they play in separating the human world from the fairy world. "The door is the point of passage between the normal, where we live, and the magical world," Giacomo explains. 

Mezzanotte Gin bottle
A special edition Gin Mezzanotte bottle created just for Craft Gin Club

Where is Gin Mezzanotte made?

The Mezzanotte distillery is located in the Italian town of Pesaro.

The area has a rich history of traditional winemaking and the town itself is a resort destination for holidaymakers in the summer. 

We're located on the Adriatic coast - the distillery is about three minutes from the sea. We like having the sea close by, it's very calming. In the summer, Pesaro is a lot more busy and filled with tourists.

Giacomo Bracci, Distillerie Mezzanotte Co-Founder

Pesaro, Italy, where Gin Mezzanotte is made
Pesaro, Italy 

What does Gin Mezzanotte taste like?

Mezzanotte Gin is a seductive combination of some of the world’s most fragrant botanicals.

Fresh notes of lime leaf brighten the aroma and features throughout, while the fragrance of the cocoa beans provides a luxuriousness on the palate that is perfectly balanced with subtle, warming spice and citrus for an intensely complex finish.

How do you serve Gin Mezzanotte?

For the perfect Gin Mezzanotte and tonic serve, we recommend mixing the gin with The Artisan Drinks Co. Amalfi Lime Tonic and garnishing with slices of strawberry.

This delicious combination is brimming with complex Mediterranean flavours and sweet berry tones. It's ideal for Valentine's Day but just as good on any other day too.

You can find the full Gin Mezzanotte and tonic recipe at this link.

The perfect Mezzanotte Gin and tonic recipe

Gin Mezzanotte is also fantastic in gin cocktail recipes like a Negroni or Craft Gin Club's Cupid's Kiss, our February 2024 Cocktail of the Month.

The Cupid's Kiss recipe brings together Gin Mezzanotte with Bon Accord Cream Soda and Craft Gin Club's bespoke Cupid's Kiss Cocktail Syrup. Together, they give you a beautiful mix of citrus, fruit and vanilla tones that are delicious enough to make even Aphrodite swoon. 

Find the full Craft Gin Club's Cupid's Kiss cocktail recipe by clicking here.

The perfect Gin Mezzanotte cocktail recipe suggestion

What other gins does Distilleria Mezzanotte make?

Distillaria Mezzanotte has one other magnificent craft gin in their range and it's a wonderful edition named Mezzanotte Atlantis Gin.

Mezzanotte Atlantis Gin

Inspired by the legend of Atlantis, this remarkable craft gin is made using oceanic botanical ingredients like marine lichen, oceanic algae and Icelandic lichen.

They are balanced with the likes of juniper, pink grapefruit, pink peppercorn, coriander and angelica to give you a gin that is rich with mouthwatering umami tones and flourishes of lifting citrus notes.

It is utterly delicious and like nothing we have tried before. 

Mezzanotte Atlantis Gin
Mezzanotte Atlantis Gin

Where can I buy Mezzanotte gins?

Gin Mezzanotte and Mezzanotte Atlantic Gin are both available from the Distilleria Mezzanotte website. Click here to be taken to the Distilleria Mezzanotte shop. 

The Gin Mezzanotte special edition Valentine's gin is only available on the Craft Gin Club online shop at this link or as part of the Craft Gin Club February 2024 Gin of the Month box.

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