Get access to our GINtastic Black Friday offers!

Originating in America, Black Friday has slowly became a big deal in the UK, with £1.4bn being spent on online sales in the UK last year. We can’t say how much of that was spent on gin but we can guess that there was an increase in gin collections last November!

With Christmas coming up, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to save money on Christmas gifts and we have some amazing ginny offers up for grabs. Here are 5 reasons you should get involved in our Black Friday deals…

1. It's a full-sized bottle of gin. EVERY. MONTH.

Sure, you can choose a bi-monthly or quarterly membership if a whole year of gin seems excessive, but either way your giftee will be ecstatic to open up a 70cl bottle of small-batch, artisan gin each delivery day. No miniatures to be fought over amongst the family here - with these beauties, you're in for a month full of fun - and cocktails!

2. It's the magic of Christmas Day over and over again.

Our members can't wait for their Gin of the Month boxes to arrive. In fact, they say it's just like Christmas Day! Because each Gin of the Month is kept top secret until the day it arrives, there's no telling what fabulous box of goodies will be waiting at home for members when the day is done. The excitement never ends!

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3. Gin lovers get to learn all about their new spirit.

For any true gin lover, the allure of a craft gin isn't just the taste, but the handiwork and story of each special spirit, too. In each box, we include a copy of our glossy club magazine, that tells our members all they need to know about the beautiful bottle they'll be enjoying that month. From the distillers' story, and the gin's botanicals to it's perfect serve, it's every budding 'gin-o-logist's' perfect companion.

4. It's the perfect gift for sharing

The best thing about giving the gift of gin? You'll surely join in on the fun! With a big bottle of delicious gin to enjoy, your giftee is sure to have you 'round for a tipple or two. So don't just think of this as a gift for them... but a gift for you, as well.

5. You'll go down in history as the best gift giver ever!

When typical Christmas gifts range from a pair of socks to bath and beauty essentials, your Craft Gin Club present will absolutely shine under the tree! So what are you waiting for? Secure a gift for the gin lover in your life today - and get ready to be crowned the World's Best Gift Giver!

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