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A world of unique, crafted gins

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Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted gins

Easy, free and reliable delivery

Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted gins

Easy, free and reliable delivery

Discover Loveday gin!

Discover Loveday gin!

Aug 7, 2023

In this feature, we are taking you through everything you need to know about Loveday Distilling and Loveday Glas House Gin, Craft Gin Club’s August 2023 Gin of the Month.

So scroll down to discover how Loveday Glas House Gin is made, where the Loveday distillery is, the perfect Loveday gin serves and what other gins are in the Loveday range. Gin fans, this one’s for you!

Loveday Glas House Gin

An exclusive Craft Gin Club launch from Penryn, Cornwall

40% ABV

Loveday Glas House Gin

How is Loveday Glas House Gin made?

Just like all other Loveday gins, Loveday Glas House Gin is distilled by Loveday Distilling, which was founded by friends and chefs Chloe Gillatt and Daisy Hillier.

We love unhurried, unfussy get-togethers with our favourite people, a glass of something darn good in hand. We wanted to make gins with those moments in mind.

— Chloe Gillatt, Loveday Distilling Co-Founder

Loveday Distillery founders

Using their still, named Mabel, they create Loveday Glas House Gin by distilling juniper with a selection of botanicals chosen for their ability to capture the flavours of the English garden and the experience of sitting out with your gin pals to enjoy a G&T or two.

To create a herbaceous palate, they chose rosemary and then added lemon and lemon thyme, which complement the rosemary wonderfully.

For a savoury, peppery finish, nasturtium is added to the botanical mix. This beautiful flower rounds out the whole experience in a way that is moreish and scrumptious and completely delicious.

You can find the full list of Loveday Glas House Gin botanicals here: juniper, coriander, orris, angelica, liquorice, lemon, lemon thyme, rosemary and nasturtium.

Loveday gin review

What is it called “Glas House Gin”?

“Glas House” is a play on words that mixes the distillers’ love of the garden with their love of their Cornwall, “Glas” being the Cornish word for “Green”.

We went for the phrase “Glas House” because it pays homage to our Cornish roots, while also reflecting the abundance of green that inspired this gin.

— Daisy Hillier, Loveday Distilling Co-Founder

What does Loveday Glas House Gin taste like?

On the nose, Loveday Glas House Gin has a scintillating bouquet of herb and citrus tones in the form of rosemary and lemon that are garden-fresh. They continue onto the palate, joined by warm peppery notes that last long into the winding, complex, fabulously moreish finish.

Where is Loveday gin made?

Loveday gins are distilled at Loveday Distilling in the picturesque port village of Penryn in the northwest of Falmouth in Cornwall.

There, the Loveday team host a monthly open house. Complete with carefully curated menus, exquisite cocktails and craft workshops, often in collaboration with other Cornish artisans, these events bring people together over top-notch spirits.

How do you serve Loveday Gin?

For the perfect Loveday gin and tonic, we recommend mixing Loveday Glas House Gin with Wildleaf Premium Atlas Tonic and garnishing with lemon slices and juniper berries. Find the best Loveday gin and tonic recipe right here

Loveday Gin and tonic recipe

Loveday Glas House Gin is also fantastic in gin cocktails like Craft Gin Club’s Garden Breezer. Bringing Loveday together with Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon and Craft Gin Club’s bespoke Garden Breezer Cocktail Syrup. Find the full cocktail recipe here

Loveday Gin cocktail recipe

What other gins does Loveday Distilling make?

Loveday distils a range of fabulous craft gins, all inspired by the natural beauty of England’s southern coastline. The Loveday gin range includes:

Loveday Golden Hour Gin

Loveday’s pink gin, this gorgeous edition has soft peachy tones and a subtle natural sweetness. Made with pink grapefruit, pink peppercorn, cardamom, rosehips and elderberries, it’s a beautiful expression that’s perfect for sipping through glowing golden sunsets.

Loveday Kissing Gate Gin

Inspired by the kissing gates to be found throughout England’s network of country footpaths, this gin is made with a carefully selected mix of hedgrow and herb botanicals that fill each sip with the joys of our green landscape. Floral, herbeceous, citrusy and piney in all of the right places, it is not to be missed.

Loveday Falmouth Dry Gin

An ode to Falmouth, the home of Loveday Distilling’s founders, this multi-award-winning craft gin captures that magnificent meeting of earth, sea and sky with its delectably bright and breezy yet well-rounded flavour profile.

With a mouthwatering mix of citrus, anise and pine, with a hint of salinity, it is a truly unique tipple that’s sure to impress any gin connoisseur.

Where can you buy Loveday gin?

Loveday gins are available to buy on the Loveday Distilling website here and on the Craft Gin Club online shop here.

Loveday Glas House Gin is available to buy as part of Craft Gin Club’s August 2023 Gin of the Month box (while stocks last!). Find out everything you need to know about this gin-credible box here!

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