Take A Trip To The Shetland Islands With Our Cocktail Of The Month

This playful pink blend is inspired by the wilderness of the Shetland Islands, where only the hardiest arctic botanicals can grow. In these northern reaches, the Northern Lights – called Merry Dancers in local legend – aren’t an un-common sight through the wild nights of winter. Garnish this tasty libation with a sprig of icy mint and a wheel of grapefruit and enjoy whilst bundled up by the fire.

The Merry Dancer

Craft gin club cocktail.png


Combine Shetland Reel Filska Gin, bitters, blanco vermouth and honey together in a cocktail shaker or jug packed with ice. Strain into a chilled coupe, garnish and serve.


50ml Shetland Reel Filska Gin

2 dashes bitters (optional)

25ml blanco vermouth

5ml honey

Grapefruit wheels and a sprig of mint, to garnish