Cocktail: Apple and pears (stairs)

In homage to this month's historic City of London Distillery's Six Bells Gin, we have created a collection of cockney rhyming slang cocktails that are worth a 'butcher's hook'!! 

The first fruity concoction will have you running up the 'Apples & Pears' to grab a glass! Cheers me ol' china!

Apple and Pears



Roughly chop the apple and pears, removing seeds and core, and put them through a juicer. Add the apple and pear juice to a cocktail shaker filled with ice, then add the gin and lemon juice. Shake and strain over ice. For a longer drink, top up with soda water. Garnish with a sliver of apple. 


2 ripe pears  
1 apple  of any type  
60ml gin  
1 tablespoon of honey  
10ml lemon juice  
Soda water to top up  
Slice of apple, to garnish