The Witches Of Craft Gin Club Visit Mr Fogg's For A Botanical Chinwag

Gin pals, Lucinda and Sophie return for another botanicals chat, this time taking on the Richard III gin by Leicester based distillery, Burleigh.

We all know the story of the car park king. When the news broke in 2012, that the remains of the infamous Richard III was found in a Leicester car park, we were all in shock. In honour of this, Burleigh’s have handcrafted a gin that not only celebrates the city, but also the late king Richard.

With such a princely tipple at hand, the ladies knew they had to film in a venue to match. Nowhere was quite as fitting as Mr Fogg’s, House of Botanicals. The home to Mr Fogg’s vast collection of exotic flora and fauna collected on his travels.

The botanicals in this gin are impressively delicious and make a magnificent beverage. These include juniper, coriander, angelica, orris, sage, thyme, cassia, rose petals, chamomile, szechuan pepper, mace, cloves, orange peel and lavender.

For the perfect serve, fill a glass with ice and add 50ml of Richard III Gin. Top up with your favourite premium tonic – the Burleighs team uses Mediterranean tonic – and garnish with blood orange (pink grapefruit, if blood orange isn’t available) and rose petals for a tasty tipple.

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