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A world of unique, crafted gins

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A world of unique, crafted gins

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The best mixers for rum - what you should drink with each delicious dram

The best mixers for rum - what you should drink with each delicious dram

Mar 26, 2024

Choosing the right mixer for you (and your rum!) is important. If you’re spending money on a craft rum, you want to find a mixer that’s not only to your taste, but that elevates the flavours in your spirit too. 

Whilst rum is an extremely versatile spirit that can be enjoyed with all kinds of drinks mixed into it, there’s definitely options that are better suited to your bottle – and we’re here to help. 

Rum comes in many delicious forms - from luscious light liquids to bold dark drams, and each possess a unique flavour profile that can be complimented by different mixers.

If you’re unsure on the definition and flavour of each rum, read our guide on everything you need to know about rum first, then come back here once you’re a certified rum expert.

Read on to find out which mixers are best for spiced, white and dark rums, plus how you can elevate each one to make the ultimate sippable serve!

Best Mixers for Spiced, White and Dark Rums

Dark cocktail in a highball glass filled with ice, fresh lime and topped with mint

Best Mixers for Spiced Rum


We had to include it, because it’s a classic for a reason. Although you can’t necessarily taste it, Coke actually has a high acid content, plus lots of sugar (which you certainly can taste).

This combination of sweet and sour meets with the complex sweetness of rum to create a perfectly balanced beverage.

It’s great with spiced rums to complement the subtle vanilla notes, but coke can be paired with any kind of rum and it’ll still be absolutely delicious.

Ginger Beer

Spiced rums are typically sweeter than white or dark rums, so to balance out that honeyed aroma it's a good idea to opt for something a little on the savoury side. 

That’s why the fiery flavour of ginger beer combines so deliciously with spiced rum. With a squeeze of lime for a zesty hit, this rum and mixer combo is utterly gorgeous.

Soda Water

One of the great things about spiced rum is that it's already packed full of so many delicious flavours, you don’t need to add more to create an utterly sumptuous beverage. 

If ginger beer is still slightly too saccharine for you, soda water is a great option. It will lift the flavour of the rum without overpowering it, and creates a refreshing, ultra-sippable beverage that’s dangerously easy to drink! Garnish with lime and mint for an irresistibly crisp serve.

Light cocktail in a highball glass filled with ice with lime and mint garnish

Best Mixers for White Rum

Coconut Water

White rums typically possess a lighter flavour than their golden counterparts, so a delicate drink like coconut water can make a brilliant mixer for it. It will give your rum a slightly tropical edge while not overpowering the flavour of the spirit, as well as being refreshing and hydrating. Mix with a squeeze of lime and honey to take this beverage to the next level.

Citrus Juice and Soda

Whilst white rums are far less sweet than darker-hued drams, they still have a honeyed edge typical of rum owing to the sugarcane used in production.

To that end, a bright, citrussy hit can be just the thing to counteract the sweetness and create a beautifully balanced beverage.

If you like a shorter drink, consider just adding a dash of lime juice, but for a longer sip, top with something more delicate like a pink grapefruit soda and add a dash of honey to enhance those mouth watering citrus flavours.

Light pink cocktail in a tumbler garnished with a grapefruit slice and rosemary sprig

Best Mixers for Dark Rum

Tonic Water

No – it’s not just for gin! The mouthwatering bitterness of tonic water is the perfect partner to your rum, as well, particularly dark rum with its dark and sweet-smoky flavour. 

Keep it simple with a classic tonic water, or experiment with different flavours to find what works for you. 

A citrus-forward will lift the flavours of the rum, giving your drink a zesty edge, while one that's berry-infused will add another layer of sweetness to your beverage and will compliment the richer aromas of the rum.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juices are a great option for dark rums, and you can really tailor to your taste buds with the selection on offer. 

Tart apple or orange juice may be the best option for those looking to balance the sweetness of the spirit, while pineapple or mango juice make for a great tropical tipple that beautifully compliments the rich and complex flavours.

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