10 of our most delicious boozy bakes & gin-soaked cake recipes

Come September, and the Great British public goes baking mad! Whether you’re looking for a recipe to win your office bake-off competition or want to create a cake so delicious that you can raise loads of money for charity at your local coffee morning or fundraising cake sale, here at Craft Gin Club we’ve got what you need! After all, who could possibly resist these beautiful, boozy cakes?

Gin and tonic lemon drizzle cake

Deliciously light and fluffy, this traditional lemon drizzle cake has been infused with all the yummy flavours of your favourite tipple - gin and tonic - and is kept beautifully juicy with a zingy citrus and gin icing to soak in over the top.

Pink Gin, Raspberry & Lemon Cupcakes

Inspired by the Pink Lady cocktail, we’ve come up with these pretty and delicious cupcakes. Made from light and fluffy lemon sponge and topped with a delicious pink gin and raspberry butter icing, they’re a party showstopper!

Gin-soaked carrot cake

A perennial favourite, carrot cake is hard to improve upon - but we think our resident chef Carol may have done it with her recipe for this boozy carrot cake!

Boozy Chocolate & Cranberry Torte

This wonderfully moist and indulgent recipe combines both of our favourite things, creating an incredibly delicious chocolate and gin-soaked cranberry torte!

Lamingtons with gin jam

It’s a topic for heated debate, but wherever the not-so-humble Lamington was invented - Australia or New Zealand - the winning formula remains the same: a light sponge sandwiched together with jam, dipped in chocolate and adorned with flakes of coconut. Here, we’ve made it even more scrumptious with the addition of gin.

Strawberry, gin & elderflower cream sponge cake

We’ve taken a classic Victoria sponge and given it a gin-soaked makeover! The delicate notes of elderflower cream adds to the flavour medley and makes this a surefire winner that will wow your guests!

Spiced pear, gin and ginger upside-down cake

We’ve taken a classic autumn dessert recipe and upped the comfort factor by soaking juicy pears in a beautiful gin bath, along with a warming sticky ginger syrup, before baking into a fluffy, lightly spiced sponge cake, to create a deliciously boozy upside-down cake!

Gin-soaked blackberry & apple crumble cheesecake slices

You can easily substitute the flavours here for whatever seasonal fruit you prefer – rhubarb or plum, for example, would add a juicy bite to the bars. Got some of last year’s sloe gin waiting to be used up? Swap it in for an extra flavourful twist!

Honey & Apple Cake with Gin-Spiked Caramel

From the cinnamon sponge to the caramel buttercream and the gin-spiked drizzle, we’re completely in love with this sweet, fruity, creamy apple and honey cake!

Boozy Cappuccino Cake

This luxurious Cappuccino Cake with two layers of moist gin-soaked coffee sponge, a layer of chocolate sponge and generous lashings of gin-spiked coffee and chocolate mascarpone icing is a delicious treat that can be enjoyed any time of the day.