Bartenders tell us the weirdest drinks they have been asked to make...not for the faint-hearted!


This month we have the pleasure of working with ex-bartenders, turned Lixir Tonic founders, Jordan and Matt. Member’s have fallen in love with the beautiful rhubarb and ginger Lixir Tonic that appeared in March’s Gin of the Month box, giving a subtle sweet and slightly fiery kick to their G&Ts!

Coming from a bar-tending background, Matt and Jordan have a great understanding of what people want to drink. But what are the weirdest drinks that ever been ordered at the bar? Here are 14 bonkers beverages that bartenders have encountered…

A (very) Dirty Martini

A guest once asked me for a dirty vodka martini—with onion brine instead of olive.
— Brandon Lockman | Barman

Squid Ink?

I don’t remember the name, but it definitely had squid ink in it...
— Jeremy Lake | Barman

Not for the arachnophobics out there…

I had a cocktail made with liquor infused with tarantulas when I was in Milan. The liquor itself was strangely sweet...
— Mike Ryan | Barman

The time consumer.

With a grand total of 71 ingredients, the Commonwealth is, without a doubt, the most ingredient-heavy drink on this list. We’re not entirely sure how so many ingredients fit into a standard coupe glass. Glasgow-based mixologist, Mal Spence shares the list of ingredients…are you sitting comfortably?

devils claw, bitter leaf, taro, chives, rosehip, cacao, wild raspberry, cassava, prickly pear, utazi leaves, papaya, citronella, cashew nut, roobus, sycamore fig, cloves, nakati eggplant, sorrel, dragonfruit, arabica coffee beans, logan berry, bitter cress, sugar cane, St. Helena tea plant, jujubi, durian fruit, mangosteen, galangal, pomegranate, saffron, rambutan, ripe jakfruit, mango, tamarind, egg fruit, sour cherry, noni, sage, guava leaf, lemon grass, okra, devil’s horse whip, tamon, Sweet basil, arrowroot, tonka bean, sapodilla,basil-thyme, red apple, maqui berry, blueberries, new potatoes, lavender, star anise, bog rosemary, wild Scottish strawberry, wild cotoneaster, aniseed myrtle, custard apple seeds, dried coconut meat, pumpkin seeds, manuka honey, paw paw, yam, taro, ladies finger, taro leaves, avocado, breadfruit, plantain, kava root.

PHEW! Imagine making a round of those?!!

Fat wash anyone?

Fat-washed liquor is basically just an infusion—one that takes time and is a lot messier than most infusions. There is a recipe used in Manhattan’s Empellón Cocina that uses fat drippings from a rack of slow-cooked pork ribs. Add an equal amount of mezcal to the mix, let it sit in the freezer overnight and strain.

Minty orange?

Peppermint schnapps and orange juice.
— Anon | Barman

A spicy, raspberry, fizzy infusion.

Muddled jalapeños with raspberry vodka and sprite.
— Anon | Barman

Just no…

Green Russians (absinthe and milk)
— Anon | Barman

Just can’t make your mind up.

White zinfandel, jack daniels and coke on the rocks, all mixed together.
— Anon | Barman


Shots of (warm) gin.
— Anon | Barman


Diet coke with merlot.
— Anon | Barman

These are getting worse.

Double sambuca, orange juice and blackcurrant coridial.
— Anon | Barman

I suppose you can fit more in the glass…

Pint of lager without any head.
— Anon | Barman

For those who love the curdle.

Bailey’s and lemonade with a lime.
— Anon | Barman