Back to basics: how to make a cucumber rose cocktail garnish

Our Cocktail of the Month for May ‘19 was garnished with a very on-trend, retro cucumber rose. These garnishes look impressive, but it’s not as hard to make one as you might think! Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a cucumber rose as a garnish for your G&T.

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest


What you need:

Fresh, firm cucumber
Cocktail sticks or toothpick

What you do:

Cut the bottom off your cucumber. Using a peeler, slice the cucumber into very thin slices.

Line your slices up in a semi-circle or a straight line, overlapping the edges slightly. Around eight slices will give you a medium-sized rose.

Starting with the first slice you put down, roll the slices very tightly so that they don’t separate.

Secure the cucumber spiral with two or three cocktail sticks.

Spread out the petals and pop the garnish into your drink!