Let’s be honest, it’s better than Christmas! It’s Gin Box time!

It’s the most anticipated time of the month. Every ring of the doorbell is full of the promise of a box brimming with glorious gin and goodies. Eventually, after neighbours returning lost footballs and window cleaners offering their services, the postie delivers that coveted package… Craft Gin Club’s Gin of the Month box

 To celebrate this most GIN-credible time of every month, we’ve asked our fabulous members to share a #GinBoxSelfie of their “EEEK MY BOX IS HERE!” excited faces to really encapsulate the pure happiness and glee that a Craft Gin Club membership can bring to even the dullest of days.

We’ll be picking our favourite #GinBoxSelfie each month and the winner will receive FREE GIN!

Feast your eyes on these delighted members who really have shown us the joy that gin can bring, each and every month! Keep it going, GIN-thusiasts!


@craftginclub so happy to see my @RoyalMail postie today! I get it delivered to work... he knows what it is now.... 😆 #GinBoxSelfie
— Craft Gin Club Member, Sarah

That new box feeling…

L👀k what I got yesterday??? I joined in July (on a bi-monthly box) .....somehow 🤔 I signed up to go monthly (🤫 don’t tell my husband) and my box arrived and no-one else was home 🤩......plus.....it arrived on a Friday so I didn’t even need to find a good excuse to have a glass
— Craft Gin Club Member, Kate

Sharing is caring and ginning is, definitely, winning!

So I have been so good, my box came yesterday and I haven’t opened it until today when we have come away on holiday, going to share with my beautiful daughter to make an extra special holiday 😍😍 #craftginclubselfie
— Craft Gin Club, Debbie and her daughter

Smiling faces on delivery day!

It’s here .......
— Craft Gin Club Member, Elaine
1st box!! Glass ready!! As if Fridays weren’t exciting enough 🍸#ginboxselfie
— New Craft Gin Club Member, Sam

Every month, we send our club members a full-sized bottle of amazing craft gin from one of the world’s finest distillers.

We work hard to source new, limited edition and exclusive gins for our members, so you can be sure that you'll always receive a truly special gin that you won’t find elsewhere – certainly not in the supermarket. 

We capture the passion of our craft distiller partners in our monthly GINNED! Magazine, packed with real-life gin stories, tailored cocktail recipes and much more.