An elegant rose alternative to the classic gin cocktail!

Using our March Gin of the Month, we at Craft Gin Club have taken this classic gin cocktail, first invented to help sailors in the navy avoid scurvy, and have given it an elegant rose twist. This gimlet is perfect for reception parties, barbecues and any other social event in fact!


Rose Gimlet

50ml One Sage & Apple Gin
25ml rosé vermouth 
12.5ml raspberry cordial
3 dried rose buds, to garnish

Chill a coupette or Martini glass. Combine your gin, vermouth, raspberry cordial and two rosebuds in a mixing glass, add ice well above the level of the liquid and stir well for around 20 seconds. Using a strainer or dessert spoon to hold back the ice, pour the finished cocktail into your chilled glass. Garnish with the remaining rosebud to serve.