After the ultimate G&T garnish? Look no further than your back garden...

There is no better feeling than popping out to the garden, scissors in-hand, and picking some fresh herbs to use for lunch! But why stop there? There are so many amazing craft gins out there that call for a sprig of rosemary, or a couple of mint leaves and maybe even a pungent snippet of coriander!

Taking GINspiration from the artisans at Folkington’s, who have managed to capture the loveliness of English gardens in liquid form, here is Craft Gin Club’s guide to some of the best home-grown, herbaceous garnishes for your perfect British Summer G&T!



One of the bontanicals featured in Folkington's English Garden tonic, rosemary is a hardy and highly fragrant herb that pairs really nicely with juniper.

FUN FACT: Want to give you hair some TLC? Rosemary promotes hair growth!



Another herb that is used in Folkingtons, mint adds a sweetness to your G&T, both on the nose and on the pallet. All you need is a couple of leaves and when paired with a handful if fresh raspberries, your G&T will sing this summer!

FUN FACT: We can thank the Romans completing our Sunday roasts, as they brought mint and mint sauce to Britain!



The peppery, savoury notes of basil work extremely well with the freshness of cucumber, so these two make perfect companions in your copa glass! If you are after a slight more savoury drink then this is the herb for you!

FUN FACT: Experts recommend tearing basil – never cutting – as metal oxidises the basil, causing it to blacken and lose flavour.



A bit of a 'Marmite' herb due to its extremely pungent and somewhat 'soapy' smell, coriander should be used sparingly as a garnish. It does, however, add a really complex depth to your G&T and works really well when paired with lime and a slice of fresh chilli!

FUN FACT: Coriander was mentioned in the Bible, and the seeds have been found in ruins dating back to 5000 BC.


thyme+lemon+gin cocktail.png

If coriander is too much of a punch in the face, thyme's subtle fragrance and flavour will add a really delicate herbaceous note to your drink. This herb pairs really nicely with citrus led gins, or alternatively you could a a wheel of lemon or orange.

FUN FACT: Feeling weak? Add some thyme to your G&T - ancient Greeks considered thyme to be the source of courage.